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    Default hello i need advice with hyperthetical scenarios

    hello i dond' know if this right sector for this, but i have wondering some scenarios.

    in scenaro one, let say that there is a country
    this country have domestic security force like internal army
    this army sudden begin massive stockpilling billionds of bullet and many tank etc
    country government first say these bullet for soldier training target practise
    but these bullet of type that much too expensive for used for soldier training target practise
    country govenment then deny existence of this big purchase bullets
    these bullets also illegal for war against foreign countrys
    govenment also buying targets for target prctaice of unarm citizen, pregnent woman, chidreln, etc
    govenment now begin destorying spent army bullet from soldier training target practise instead of recycle or sell
    guns are legal among this country citizen
    but now this laws about citizen gun are being fought
    amoo and gun more rare and price increasing

    now if all you know is this points, how wod you interpret the situation? am theyr'e any historical analogs?

    in scenario two, numerous memorial websites and facebock pages appear one day
    some are deleted
    a few day later a man with a gun visit puplic place and kill people including the people for whome the websit made
    deletre video rearpear
    some of people intervewi by news contredict own storues
    when family member of dead come on news they laugh and joke then take an few moment for what look like getting into character
    many poeple who eyewitness repord more than one gun shooter
    video takem form helicoptor coroborate this
    extra gunpeople can seen runing unimtuitive and speficis directoim
    wolrd mainstream media not mention numeruos repots of multeple gunshooters and no thing infomation is relaesed about this
    prmine minitser of coutnry take photo with family of dead
    inculding some people who were verefied dead
    allege guilty man have interest connection in famely and own past

    again, if this were's al you knewed, ho wuould you interpert? historcal analagoues?

    in scenario three, there is big country, have some hunderd milliond human
    people begin see amd film truck crarying many efeficently stack black object
    these truck bare emblom of knowen group of people
    people who own land are ask to hold hunderd thousnds of these object
    wehen asked, this people say they were tell this items were emergencey coughings

    agaen, same questionas, and aditionally question, if al of this hyperthetical secnarios happen in same hyperthetical scernario, cuold the'rye be conection bewteen them all?
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    @rubi2cube i summon you! do you have any thogts on this?

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