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    Default Overdue Anonymous Thanks

    Here's a place to post your thanks to a stranger who helped you or touched your life in a special way, someone you're not able to thank in person.

    My thanks goes to the guy who shared a taxi with me after BART broke down - this was 20+ years ago, before cell phones - when I was frantically trying to get to the closing on our first house. I had about 30 minutes to get from Oakland to North Berkeley, so a bus was out of the question; after explaining my situation and the fact that I didn't have money for a cab, he allowed me to share his. He got me to the closing in time and wouldn't accept a check or any kind of payment.

    Thank you for your kindness, which I've held in my heart all these years.
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    I've always remembered this little old lady I talked to for less than a minute the day my grandma died at the hospital several years ago. I was alone, pacing mindlessly up and down the hall while my aunt did some paperwork and she stopped me and said, "Was that your grandma?" (she had seen us in the waiting room) and I said, "Yes,"
    "Did she die?"
    "I'm sorry."

    And then she left. But it was the way she said it, so much kindness and compassion in her eyes. It really touched me somehow and I've thought of her several times since.

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    Oh, yes.

    The surgeon who saved my life, when my appendix burst. He calmly wandered in, dropped his big bag of chips (french fries) into the bin, 1am. Rolled his sleeves up and saved me.

    I was too drugged up the next day when he came to see me, so I never spoke to him.

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    Thank you for helping me out when I got lost walking somewhere when I was seven. That was very kind of you, even though I was just a child, considering the kind of kids that lived in that area at the time... If I thought you still lived in that area, I would thank you personally.

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    The big dude that took me to my parents when I was seven or eight years old. As you know, I passed out from blood loss while you were carrying me before you found my parents. Your arms were quite large, and it freaked me out at first (with all those scary things the schools pound into you about strangers), but you asked me where my parents were and ran in the direction I pointed. The last thing I recall before waking up to smelling salts in the hospital was the black hair on your arm swaying in the wind over your medium-brown skin, my blood tricking down it, with out-of-focus grass and sky beyond, as you ran with me in the direction my little hand was pointing. I have absolutely no clue who you were nor what you looked like, aside from your arm, because I never saw your face when you scooped me up in mid-stride. You're my hero.
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    This stranger touched me once. I'm not really sure whether a "thanks" is in order.

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    My thanks to all those kind strangers in Union Sq. and Wall Street who gave me cigarettes when I was high and broke, fiending so badly for nicotine...
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    I would like to register a sincere heartfelt thanks to Laurie, my hopeless high-school crush, for never forming any romantic attachment with me.

    From the first time I met you in sixth-grade homeroom, I was intrigued. When it took me fifteen minutes to beat you at arm-wrestling, I was hooked. I spent the next five years wanting a relationship with this smart, clever INTJ with the startling ice-blue eyes, and attending your wedding senior year was one of the hardest things I ever had done up to that time.

    But you've always had a cruel streak, and after watching how you used up and spit out Ted--a genuinely nice guy to whom I introduced you--I thanked my lucky stars that it wasn't me. Now that you're well into your second marriage, I wish you all the best... from a distance.

    Thank you for leaving me alone.

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    To a counselor whose name I don't remember. She helped calm the raging anger that still flows beneath a cool exterior. After kicking, biting and scratching my way through pre-school and kindergarten with the excuse of "I can't help it" (Which in a way was true, I didn't understand my emotions enough and wasn't aware of any alternative ways of expressing them.) you took me aside, looked me straight in the face and said "Yes you can. YES you can," and left it that. My simple child mind internally just went "Oh.." and though it took me another six years or so to really get control, I finally was able to wrestle down the beast, and.. well.. turned into my pacifist INFJ self! And who knows, that may very well have been what triggered my Ne and Te by getting me to think outside my own realm of experience too.
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    Thank you to the kind stranger who ran my tired alone sister through Detroit airport to get her to her connecting flight on time. You were a gentleman and an angel.
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