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    Quote Originally Posted by ThatsWhatHeSaid View Post
    This stranger touched me once. I'm not really sure whether a "thanks" is in order.
    Given the chance, my "thanks" would be more negatively oriented.

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    And here I thought this would be a thread dedicated to giving one of my fav forum members, Anon, some thanks...

    I'd like to thank the woman in DC who gave me money for a cab. I only had a credit card, and no way to get money from an ATM. She saw me distraught on the street. She gave me $100 and drove me to a hotel to pick up a cab. The extra money was to make sure I got home okay.

    I sent her a letter and paid her back. But that gesture was really unexpected and generous. I still am amazed by it.

    I... suppose. Yeah!

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