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    I remember feeling not exactly proud, but still somewhat validated by the MBTI test results. There's something about seeing a reflection of your core self within a psychometric system, even if it's just a crude approximation. And I loved that so many of the people I admired were in the same category. That's worn off, though. I feel indifferent about my type and I'm skeptical that my knowing it will bring me any further in life.

    I did feel excited when I learned what my enneatype was. Part of it's that I find the system more interesting, so it was cool to find my place in it. But what's really wonderful is the way E6 descriptions help clarify my core issues, the way it focuses my attention on the root causes. When I lose sight of that root, my attention is on the infinite off-shoots, leading me to feel overwhelmed and defective. So, the first time I really read the descriptions after deciding on my type, I felt like I was given a valuable tool. A vague diagnosis, but I felt (and still feel) confident that I can work out the rest.

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    I distinctly remember getting INTP my first test. (And several more tests after)

    What else is there for me to say besides psychological masturbation? Mmm yes that Ti, oh yes I'm so cool with my perfectly sound system of logic... feel bad for those Fi people who have to rely on sucking cocks to get by. Ohhh and that Ne, yaeh bet those Se suckers are jealous hahahaha!
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