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    I'm actually kinda boring in real life. More boring than on the forum.

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    I would never have guessed...
    Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.
    — Mark Twain

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    Quote Originally Posted by fia View Post
    That seems unexpected that a willingness to discuss ideas would change in the online environment. I would think that is the one thing that would be consistent in different settings. That's the one thing that I've found consistent. I wonder why that is? Maybe people feel more social pressure to respond in a pleasing way irl, but online they express more of what they actually think because they aren't as sensitive to rejection?
    I wonder whether they tend to be mentally exhausted when they use the internet for fun (usually at night). For most people, thinking seems to be draining rather than energizing. No wonder moronic reality shows sell so much.

    Also, I guess many people need more non verbal information in order to adapt their conversations and keep them pleasant.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ivy View Post
    I think some extroverts (note I said some) need the whole "in person" package to be engaged in a conversation. They're interested in ideas primarily as a means to connect with people. My sister seems to be one of these people. She's super fun and a great conversationalist, but spends next to no time online and when she is online she pretty much makes jokes that aren't as funny as they would be if she said them out loud.
    Makes sense.

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    Or maybe some people are interested in connecting with others primarily as a means of freeing their best ideas. I remember situations where I had to compare what I came up with alone and what could arise with others: for example, when I was in school, reading a book for class and writing a response before coming in next period and discussing. I always felt so bad turning my written responses in because they were so surface-level and brief and actually less original compared to what flowed in the later exchange with classmates.

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