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    I have been trying to learn about it because I was ahead of what I think were two major trends, which was an interesting position to be in because I found that the major clothes retailers which I only sort of frequented by my friends and family did more often were stocking up on clothes which were similar to my tastes but I've lost it and dont chime with the zeitgheist at all anymore. I sort wonder whether I should try and "get with" the style now or wait for it to reflect something more my style and I dont know whether or not what I think of as style now will come back into vogue.

    The two styles I was ahead of were the military chic, including cargo pants and all that stuff, and the other action movie chic, there was a trend towards styles from films like Indian Jones and the like for a while, although both of those were definitely years ago.

    What I find interesting now are older styles, like what was cool for Sinatra or the Rat Pack, suits and some casual styles, jeans and shirts but with some sort of refinement, definitely not chinos and v neck sweaters or any of the other stuff I associate with country club chic or middle class elitism. Thing is that I dont really see a lot of stuff off the peg which is like this, I'm not sure what the main trends are at the moment but its not that so much.
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    I can be imitative of styles I see, but of ones I become attracted to on my own, without a thought to whether or not they are socially trending. I lost interest in dressing like my friends when I was ten. It's worked great so far. And I think something at least settles in of one's taste at an early age. Like most kids, my parents picked out my clothes when I was little, but I remember knowing all that was wrong with their choices even then.
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