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    I've been wondering about my dreams. The mood is not high nor low, I am more in a practical mode, trying to solve a problem.

    While in the dream, I complety believe the dream, in other words, my suspension of disbelief is complete. And as the first thing we ask of a work of at is the successful suspension of disbelief, so in that sense my dreams are successful works of art.

    I am a little surprised by my dreams, for when I am awake I tend to have a high reponse to stimulae: I tend to be intense. But in my dreams I am cool and concerned to solve a problem, but at no time in my dreams am I self-conscious.

    Perhaps my dreams reveal a different part me. Tonight I will dream again, but it doesn't seem consequential to me.

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    Last night I had dreams where I was arguing with my room mate. One was about dishes and the other about cigarettes both I can see happening right down to the scenerio's and what was said, it made me cranky and pissed off when I woke up this morning
    In no likes experiment.

    that is all

    i dunno what else to say so

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    Yes. But even when those good feelings augment your mood, undesirable consequences may come. Imagine sweetly dreaming about a former love interest to wake up in your current partner's bed.

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