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    i want her to to know what i did to deserve her
    i want her to know why she's with me
    why me and her rule the world around her
    why she thinks that im the great
    when i think that im the one who didnt
    deserve the one and only her that she be
    with me its creep that i think
    my dreams are pervy
    my actions worthy
    my thought really more evil
    then the devil that i be
    the god that i want
    doesnt want me
    ibwant her to know shes the god
    that i subscribe
    defriend and run away from
    but at the end of the day
    i want to play
    me and her just gone away
    to the beach or to the bay
    i want her to know
    that i see evil
    the evil being me
    the evil being she
    the evil being both of us thinking
    wr deserve each other
    the secret that makes me me
    and you you
    the reason i haven't found her is because i don't want to
    just listen to how i think
    do you think i deserve i her
    i don't i want to hellish choke
    kill her when she think im the one
    that just isn't true
    i want her to know me the way i knew you
    i want her to grow on me the way i grew on you
    i want her to kill me the way you should too
    i want her to fuck me like i didn't knew
    was possible, improbable, i want to scream my name the way i scream hers
    i want her to look at me with envy in her eyes
    i want her to see me as if im the only prize
    i want her to submit to my will
    i want her to dominate my will
    i want her nothing the way i want me

    and if she can't understand me then i don't want anything to do with her.

    at the end of the day i want it all
    nothing big small just when i did when i passed
    the test
    i want the rest
    truth is my blood is the best
    and if she think anything less
    then me or her we about to sleep
    the final rest
    see i kill her and she knows
    i go slow cuz really aint no other way to go
    im rich and she know im true
    my life is hers as she wants
    till death i will go
    and when she laying besides me
    i get her for eternity
    i want her to be mine forever
    and only mine
    she is the one who lived
    who should have killed
    instead she breathed
    so hard that i couldnt see
    myself without her
    i want her hard

    its still funny they dont know
    i took over this is my world
    and when i say jump
    i say it with people behind me thinking
    though he ugly he thinks he got my soul
    i want her to know that i'm the one everyone wish they were
    the way i look in the mirror about to give it all
    to her and she think

    im tired.
    i speak and my words are law.

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    dafuq did I just read

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    nnew year new world order
    and im the king watch them all kiss my ring
    i think then they sing
    dafuq you read its me
    guess what bling bling
    if you want it i bring it
    i kill and im real
    thinking im.just a thrill
    im the beginning the middle and end
    i want my bread that you never had
    i want it all thats why im ham
    pork thats why im thinking this ish
    all or nothing and im all
    girls look at me like im their saviour
    im jesus and you dont understand
    high drunk makes me think that im god
    others thinking im just odd
    doesnt matter how ive gone makes me starved
    thinking im number one
    listen son i dont care
    whatever needs to be said i say
    i love and it burns
    had a child didnt want her
    her name lillian like im potter
    harry and my beath stink
    cleanng like im a maid
    white peope thinking im a slave
    nah i came to save
    till i die till the grave
    we the power
    and its why i dont give a fuq
    i just want my cock sucked
    as it has been
    and will be
    call me the devil if you wish
    i went so hard
    life is mine to decide
    and i want a girl so hot
    that looking lookt at her blinds me
    because at the end of it all
    i know im god
    and you the devil
    sense my evil
    think it breathe it
    know you wrong
    the words to this songsong
    ive writtenwritten way too long
    im just a guy
    widhing for my end
    the way we all do
    but my dreams came true
    and i didnt understand it
    but did i grab it
    and now that i have it
    you wish you own it
    but its mine to keep
    like a soldier i keep
    the feelings burst inside me like i think
    that im a hit it until im on the brink
    cum, some, sone, won
    its war and the blind dont see
    ill rep my own till im dead
    africa until im down
    its the third world and ill make it first
    im the president of the whole continent
    i have an army i want to use it
    war till i die
    till death i ride
    white slaves and they wonder why
    how many years
    and now its their turn
    what goes around comes around whitey taught me that
    and when i say you spung its a rap
    girls by the dozen
    slaves by the billions
    waiting for the word
    understand we wont hurt
    we forgive by nature
    but we torture and we know why
    listen to my brain realize im insane
    and im in power
    im a dictator and i want it all
    till my death i ball
    listen im not joking
    your worst dream i did
    until death i done did
    past participle and i care not
    ruining my life like i care some
    and really all i want is your death cum
    new world order and im the king
    do you really want that wedding ring
    best you believe i came to sing
    i want you to want me and thats why i look like it
    because i have it and i handle
    figure out what it is
    lest you die
    in the atrempt
    to come correct
    i have girls by the millions
    her name is abbyyoursyours
    and shes mine touminech her and diedieyours
    because i killillkillminemine
    if you touch mine then i get yoursyoursyoursyoursyours
    get with it or die tryingtrying

    abby, ivy, christine, amber.

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    ^ these remind me of my ex-in-process. Perhaps an istp thing. Lol

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    Tall, dark, slim, handsome, well-endowed, smart, independent, highly intuitive, super-skilled in bed, who can really focus on giving me quality time about once a week or maybe even twice a month and then for the most part is not all up in my grill, who takes things easy and is therefore reassuring to me, who is financially stable and professionally secure, with infinite capacity for snuggling and a profound well of tenderness that is just for me and me alone.

    And pie in the sky when I die.

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    Intelligent. Doesn't have to be a genius but I want intelligent enough to have good insight on things and be able to carry on an intelligent conversation about deeper stuff.

    Kind and considerate. Who doesn't want this?

    Faithful- won't cheat on me

    Financially stable

    Doesn't smoke because I don't want to breathe in secondhand smoke and harm myself.

    Cares about their health

    Reasonably good looking. Doesn't have to be drop-dead-attractive but I have to not be repulsed by your looks either.

    Cares about personal hygiene. More important than looks. You have to smell nice and shower regularly.

    Reasonably tidy but not overly anal about it. I don't want to constantly pick up your messes.

    Tolerant. Not racist, homophobic, sexist, etc.

    It's fine if he's religious as long as he doesn't push his views on me.

    Similar interests. I'd love someone to talk type with, share my music with, watch movies with, etc.

    Open to trying to new things. I don't want someone who always wants to do the same thing all the time. Yet I'm not so open to trying new things that could be dangerous. So someone who likes to experiment with drugs is out.
    5w6 or 9w1 sp/so/sx, I think
    Neutral Good

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    Huge...tracts of land.
    1w2-6w5-3w2 so/sp

    "I took one those personality tests. It came back negative." - Dan Mintz

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