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    Default Gifts for Christmas

    Has anyone got their Christmas shopping done yet?

    I've begun to give it some serious thought and tommorrow I'm beginning to do the shopping, its not easy to think of gifts for everyone and there's some family members I will be shopping for who I dont actually speak to so its not easy, has anyone any ideas for just great generic gifts?

    Are there any new hot gizmos or must have mod cons which anyone has looked out for anyone else or is hoping for themselves? What is your santa list? I dont think people ever grow out of those, also do you write and send you cards soon as, like now, or do you leave it until the last minute? I know that some of the cards I sent last year arrived late and I'm trying to avoid that happening again this year. I'm not sure I have all the addys of people in my friendslist on Amazon even (if you've friended me and would like a card PM me with an addy, cheers).

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    I haven't gotten anything for family yet. For friends, I'm making treats.

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    I've done some Christmas shopping but not as much as I'd have liked. Now begins the time of the year when it is crazy in stores, so hopefully I can do the bulk of the rest of my shopping online. What I do have so far:
    For brother: Season 1 of The Scooby Doo Show, that includes our favorite episode with the ice cream phantoms. Also some art I bout at Fest, a beautiful drawing of a dragon.
    For sister in law (brother's wife): Possum wool yarn from New Zealand. She likes to knit. Need to find something else for her... I should have gotten her some yarn in Ireland too, but didn't think of it.
    For mother in law: CD of Christmas music sung in the glowworm caves in New Zealand
    For father in law: CD of Minnesota lumberjack songs
    For sister in law (husband's sister): Doggie picture holder thing that looks like a schnauzer. (She has 2 schnauzers.) Need to find something else for her.
    For close friend: Children's book written in Irish and a book entitled "Words We Don't Use (Much Anymore)"... she collects children's books and likes words

    I don't have anything for the spouse, mommy, daddy, or BFF yet. Mommy and BFF also have birthdays coming up, so I need to get on the ball!!

    I haven't really sent Christmas cards for the past few years... I'm going to try to do it this year, though. In a way it seems kind of silly to me, because mostly I send them to people I see all the time anyway. But at the same time, it's a nice tradition and it'd be a shame for it to die out.

    Getting gifts for family members can be difficult enough already... but for a family member you don't speak to, that's really tricky. I know this is none of my beeswax, but I would suggest that a good start might be to reopen communication with this individual.. even if on a very superficial level. Get them something super feelery and sentimental, like a game or toy or book you both used to love as kids.
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    I'm not really doing Xmas this year. I bought one niece a jacket, I'll send the cash-equivalent to the other niece, but otherwise, no presents this year for the family. I may give some money to the food bank or Doctors Without Borders...haven't decided yet.

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    We're probably only going to buy for the kids and each other. This year will probably be lean like last year was. Last year we were just broke. This year we are putting every spare dime into the house we're fixing up -- our gift to us all: no mortgage.

    For our oldest daughter: anime.
    For our younger daughter: an art book and Minecraft for her best friends (they're twins).
    For our older son: a video game or stuff on a video game.
    For our youngest son: I have not a clue. Last year he didn't really want anything so we just picked something up and wrapped it so he'd have something to open.

    I also usually get them each a nerdy tee-shirt related to their interests and a pair of pajama bottoms. This year it'll probably be TF2 or Minecraft shirts. If I have time and money, I'll sew their jammie bottoms.

    I'll have to think about what to get Don. He is hard to buy for. Maybe I'll get him a vanity pet or mount on WoW.
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    I have all of 2-3 people that I buy for. I gauge them out until about the last minute, because I like buying absolutely perfect and timely gifts for them.

    So, I have no clue just yet.

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    I used to really stress Christmas because between the various family gatherings there were upwards of 100 people I thought I needed to have something for. I didn't buy most of those people a gift but even if I just made everyone the same thing (one year it was candles, one year homemade kitchen cleaner that smelled like oranges and cloves, etc) it was a pretty steep investment for us some years. And a lot of time and energy and stress.

    A few years back I learned about Buy Nothing Christmas, and so I took the idea to all our various family branches. Most of them, as it turned out, were feeling similarly and welcomed the movement to simplify Christmas. So now we really only exchange within the nuclear family, plus with my parents and siblings we do a "Yankee Swap" type game thing where everyone just brings one inexpensive wrapped gift and we go round-robin picking and stealing and trading. It's fun. I usually try to get something silly for that (stuff like adhesive mustaches, a Wooly Willy plate so you can make his hair and beard with your food, a Snuggie the year they were the joke du jour, etc).

    I like to spoil the kids as much as we can afford, because they're good kids and they don't ask for a thing all year long and they don't even like making Christmas lists. They seem genuinely happy for whatever they get, even years when it wasn't much. But I only just learned about Wii U like yesterday, and apparently it's too late to get it this year, so that's out. Still thinking about what to do instead.

    Noah and I don't usually exchange, unless you count sexual favors. *bwow chicka*

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    I just make food and put it in decorative containers or jars.

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    I don't exactly have a job, so my presents will be pretty lame.

    I plan on getting my mom and dad a DVD or Blu Ray movie.
    I plan to get one younger brother something small and Minecraft related.
    I plan to get my other younger brother a small, cheap game...possibly on Steam.
    I don't plan to give my older brother anything because he doesn't live at home. :/

    However, I am arranging to get the best deal I possibly can for my mom to buy a PS3 for my younger brothers to replace our broken one. I'm hoping to catch one of Amazon's lightning deals, otherwise we will likely be getting the Assassin's Creed III bundle.

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    I want an Aperature Science spatula.

    I don't know what I'm doing for gifts. This is my first Christmas in a long time not having a decent paying job, I may have to skip on the usual cool things I buy everyone.

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