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I am lucky to have a really photographic memory, so oftentimes I can just sit listening to lectures and "recall" them later in my mind. That´s what I used to do in order to pass (easy) tests.

For harder subjects requiring understanding rather than memorization, I used to rewrite my own notes starting from the book, in order to explain the subject in more "familiar" terms - that is to say, familiar to my own mind.

Generally, I tried to follow a sort of minmax algorithm i.e. minimizing the amount of things I had to do "right" in a test in order to obtain the maximum grade
This. Mentally reciting notes works as well, but rewriting them in the process makes them click if you absorb what you're writing as you're writing.

I also emphasize the study of key concepts so I can get the gist of unfamiliar problems in the case that I didn't study in depth.