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    Maybe uncomfortable like Annoyed if its too bright or ugly or has buzzing lights and annoying people in it and just a bad energy vibe but that's not often. I went into a store like that at some outlet mall during Christmas one time and its just kind of ruined my mood for a bit but no not really ever that I can think if in any other sort if way.

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    I don't like those places that spray a shit ton of perfume in the air. It hurts my nostrils.
    Also rape-ily dark stores with loud music like Hollister.

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    I tune people out completely.

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    Since this was revived..

    Stores that make me uncomfortable:
    - Spencers. I still go in there, but I feel like someone's watching me to see if I look at the naughty bits of the store or if I stay in the kiddy area.
    - Hollister I think? The Abercrombie and Fitch store with the mexican-style tile roof display that's super dark. It just seems like I don't belong at all near there.
    - Places that are too fancy. Like Williams Sonoma. I feel like if I trip over my own feet one time I'll be doing slave labor for the next 5 years replacing what I damaged.
    - High end clothing stores. I know I can't afford anything in there. They know I can't afford anything in there. It's just awkward all around.
    - Shoe stores where the people try to help you pick the shoes. Just stand there, at a distance, and answer my questions as I shout them across the room plz.
    - Sex shops. I'm just a total prude when it comes to them--even if the thing I want from there isn't even naughty or sexy in nature. (exception: I've had to buy items that were not at all for me in any way, shape, or form, and then I had no problem asking explicit details and accomplishing the mission that way.)
    - Stores like Sephora and Ulta.. I'm scared they want to doll me up in things that will make my face break out.
    - The whole foods store. As much as I like some select things in them, I feel like I'm getting gluten intolerance just being in there.
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    I did feel uncomfortable walking into a licensed brothel for a tour one time.

    EDIT: Actually, I take that back. Car dealers are the worst.

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    Does anyone else just despise sales people? I'll walk into a store and within a few minutes I am approached by one.

    "Can I help you with anything?"

    "No! Just leave me the fuck alone and let me shop by myself!!!"

    Okay...maybe I have too big of an issue with other people.

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    Costco almost gave me a melt-down. Not sure why

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    Quote Originally Posted by senza tema View Post
    Also rape-ily dark stores with loud music like Hollister.
    Quote Originally Posted by kyuuei View Post
    - Hollister I think? The Abercrombie and Fitch store with the mexican-style tile roof display that's super dark. It just seems like I don't belong at all near there.

    Me too. They look and feel extremely unwelcoming. Not that the stark and brightly-lit confines of (e.g.) an Apple store are particularly appealing either, but Abercrombie & Fitch's aesthetic is repellent.

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    I feel uncomfortable when walking into "Victoria Secret" if there is not a woman with me. People look at me like I'm some type of pervert. Also, I feel uncomfortable walking into a predominantly African American barbershop as well. I don't have a problem with black people, I just feel really out of place. Also, one time I walked into an all Hispanic restaurant and I felt pretty weird there too.

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    File Cabinet? As a username? I think that's odd but good thread.

    I dont really feel uncomfortable in any stores, some I just find annoying, like large cosmetic sections with attendents or when you walk past sales stations in a mall and someone approaches you and asks if you have a minute, I dont, I dont have a minute for charities so I dont have a minute for businesses who I've not sought out in the first place to seek a deal from.
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