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    Default Labels and Identities

    What 'if anything' do they mean to you?

    We have many labels, if we choose to use them.

    Our mbti type, our colour, our gender, where we're from, what we're about and stuff.
    I like to think they're aren't any labels, but that's me.

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    They're convenient short-cuts to make casual conversation simpler all around. They're a vague basis to go on in the absence of hard fact and knowledge of a subject.

    When you hear "Corporate" you know what to expect--go to an interview dressed nicely, ensure you're on family-friendly behavior, etc. It's very easy to just say "We're in a corporate setting" and have everyone understand you mean office-style work that involves lots of politics and passive-aggressiveness on the uglier side of things.

    When you hear 'she's such a mom' you know exactly what they mean by that term. The label of a mom doesn't need much explanation, and it's very simple and easy to identify with the label and carry on the conversation without pouring details all over the place that really aren't necessary.

    What people get mixed up is the fact that that short-cut is casual in it's nature. People tend to throw a lot of heavy subjects into labels.. they aren't made to bind people together, and they aren't made to ensure everyone is distributed labels accordingly, as if something bad will happen if you don't quite fit into that identifier. They don't exist for any other reason than human convenience on as casual level. It's easy to say, "Yeah, she's girly.. but she still plays paintball with us." and create the exceptions to the label as you go, but where people make the mistake is they just hear "she's girly" and never think that she might play paintball and enjoy it, and thus never ask/invite her to do so. (Just to use a situation my sister was in not too long ago.)
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