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Thread: Are you happy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AffirmitiveAnxiety View Post
    Happiness scares me a bit...because it is like a drug and only a momentary one at that.

    Id prefer contentedness over happiness, because being content is an altogether more warming feeling which lasts and burns slowly, rather than burning suddenly and dying.

    Although...then again contentedness can kill progress, which ive waffled on about before.
    I have never, ever considered happiness in the light of it being scary. What an interesting take on it! .. I was debating with a friend on what constitutes "intense/strong" emotions last night when we were taking a quiz together.. I named sadness, anger, and happiness without thinking much about it.. it is a rather strong emotion when reflecting on my initial instinct though, to me at least.

    But I've never thought of it as a temporary, fiery burn-out sort of thing either. I've always thought the exact opposite to be true. Contentedness usually burns out quickly and leads other emotions to fill the void--sadness, nostalgia for whatever had me content, doubt, uncertainty.. etc. Shallow somethings all over the place seem to create content. A good movie. Finishing a book. Completing a task you set out for yourself. Happiness is an attitude derived from the self--no one thing creates it.

    It's just very interesting to see such a different viewpoint on the personal definition of the word.
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    Am I happy?

    What am I, a gay fish?

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