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    Default How do you make art?

    No. I don't mean how do you learn to draw, or paint, or play music, or photograph, or any such thing.

    I am not asking about the mechanics of whatever medium you choose for your art.

    What I am asking, specifically, is how you express yourself in ways that are uniquely you?

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    I create when i'm not thinking about creating. I just make shapes on paper or sounds with an instrument without thinking about the actual act of drawing or playing music. I just think about stuff going on in y life, and if I have a piece of paper or a guitar or something in front of me at the time, It'll just happen, i'll create something that's somehow symbolic of whatever's going through my head.

    That's pretty much the only way I can create. When I sit down and actually think about drawing, it's just like "ugh, what do i draw? I guess i'll draw that weird shape thing i made when i was thinking about that one thing."

    music is easier for me to just sit down and create though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ygolo View Post
    I am asking, specifically, is how you express yourself in ways that are uniquely you?
    I don't.

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    In general, I usually just wait until it turns into something I want. I never go in with an exact idea of what I want in mind.

    It's not unique to me, but it's what I do.

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    I tend to collect ideas. Ne, I guess. I do that without even realizing it. Then I pick out my favorites....Grin, Fi, perhaps. I tend to enjoy revisiting them (hellooooo Si), then I transform them and organize them in a way that just *feels* right (TeFi).

    For instance, one of my favorite things to use to make jewelry with is a specific type of swarovski bead. It isn't pink, it isn't peach, it isn't cream, it is alll three. And the color is gorgeous. On top of that, those beads look amazing against my pale skin, it adds an amazing glow. When I combine them with a specific swarovski crystal which is inspired by the moonlight, the most amazing jewelry just..comes to life.

    It sort of recalls he old vintage glamorous pieces that exists, but with a twist, as those tend to be solid cream, solid white, or a rich gold in color. This one, due to the rosy peach touch are in that particular way very much unique, yet pay homage to that era, to the muse for that jewelry, due to the stylel I employ to put it all together. It feels like putting a subtle piece of myself into something that will be relatable to the cultural heritage we all share.

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    tend to collect ideas. Ne, I guess. I do that without even realizing it. Then I pick out the ones I think fit together....Grin, Ti, perhaps. I tend to enjoy revisiting them (hellooooo Si), then I transform them and organize them in a way that just *feels* right and makes sense (TiFe).
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    Unbridled Ne.

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    The best art in my opinion is wisdom or emotions shared. Functional art is not so my thing, I have enough of that at work.

    When you want to be a creator you first of all do need to know what you want to create. Do you want to share a feeling or a wisdom ? Do you want to share the joy you had when for example solving a complex puzzle or the sadness you felt when you had lost a closed one. The most important question is what you do want to share.

    Then when you are sure of that, you'ld need to know how you could share that. Is for example music a good form of expression for you or writing or painting ? Whatever you like the most or think the first about would be your vessel of conduct.

    The third and very important thing is your recipient. If he emotionally is as educated like a beton wall, you wont achieve much in him. If he is intellectually like a republican voter, same there. So you can barely convey your message, if your recipient hasnt an open mind for it.

    The perfect art is such, which expresses your innermost thoughts, those which you hold the most dearest. For that you of course need to have thoughts which you hold dearest. Artistic impression is one of the most fundamental ways of evolution and human progress. it uses vessels which convey wisdom over years and generations and which prevents people from doing the same mistakes twice. Art should always be connected to the whole human, so art that makes a difference between emotion or logic, is no art for me. Thats computer logic. There are a billion forms of art, some are even held pretty high in society but the purest form of art stays the expression of a sole being. And that can be already a well placed "You all suck" in the right moment.

    Most important thing in creating art or for liking art is the same like with wine: you have to like it, then its a good wine.
    One of my most favourite pictures I have seen in all time, is a fanwork for Spellforce 2. When I designed webpages 10 years ago, I always used complementary colors, cause I've always felt like a playing ball for greater powers on the inside. And I think that everything in life needs balance to function and to survive, I do not believe in extreme forces of the only one side:

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    Make funky noises

    and do

    funky stuff.

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    Well, I'm not going to pretend what I create is absolutely unique and no one else does it; but, it IS 100% me.

    I have to be really inspired to paint. Like, I have this sense/feeling that I CAN and will convey whatever needs to be conveyed. If I don't feel it, and am merely thinking I 'should' paint because I haven't done it for a while, or want to paint but don't know what to paint/don't feel really inspired to, then the results are always very poor (imo; or maybe, I view them as poor because I know the end product doesn't contain the spirit behind it, and I know I wasn't feeling it whilst painting it. So when I look at the result in this situation, it seems flat)

    When I have the inspiration and strong almost 'need'/empowerment within, everything flows. I don't have to think about what I'm doing or how to go about doing something, I just have this sense of what colors I need to put down, I KNOW how to do it and how I need to approach it. It's a really cool feeling and process.

    I guess a lot of the same applies to photography, too, but the medium/setting/experience is so different that there are definite differences too.
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