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    i don't go to movie theaters by myself.

    i go to movie theaters by myself and buy the seats around me.

    i've only done this 1x (the same # of times i've gone solo).
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    Sorry for rebooting this thread, but it's not that old.

    Whenever people ask to do something with them, I almost always regret it. I absolutely loathe being bogged down by other people's plans. It's almost like I'm being kidnapped.

    Yes, I prefer going to movies alone, going to restaurants and bars alone, and going for drives alone, not to mention living alone. I hate the idea of having a roommate.

    I have more fun when I make the decisions.

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    Well for concerts, I'd enjoy it either way. But as for everything else, I'm in the exact opposite predicament...I find that I get little to no enjoyment 'going out' by myself like eating out or a movie or going to a park or shopping or anything's just very blah to me, and so I really have no interest in doing stuff like that by myself. I end up doing only what I really need to do and nothing more. I would love to do most anything if I could be with another person, or maybe a couple, no big groups because then I end up being invisible even when I try not to be and that makes me depressed. Though it's usually pretty awkward if I'm doing stuff with another guy, honestly I don't relate with other guys that well and I end up not being able to talk about much of anything. I relate and connect with girls way way better, always have, and I'm a lot more comfortable talking to them and just being around them in general, I just find it more relaxing and like I am more on the same wavelength as them, so to ideally, to get the most out of 'going out,' it would be with a girl (not necessarily a girlfriend though) cause then it would be enjoyable enough to actually want to do things. Doing most things alone feels pointless to me, but for several reasons I'm not in any sort of position to actually meet other people, really sucks.

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    I don't see anything wrong with this. Who knows,for those that are extroverts, you might meet someone else interesting. Your ability to participate in something you wish to participate in should not depend on whether or not you have company; that said, I certainly can understand how not having company could lessen enjoyment of an activity enough to make it not worth doing.
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    I wouldn't mind going there alone, I don't see the difference. The need to go with someone is to... Scream together? No thanks. I see no point in screaming. In fact, never screamed in my life and am not going to - I don't even feel the need to do so. I look at the people who are screaming oddly and I have a very strong need to cover my ears.

    As for cinemas and other calm event... To sit in silence? What's the point in that?

    By that said, I don't go to concerts, cinema, etc.. I prefer watching a movie at home, alone, with the ability to pause it, eat food on my table, stretch, move around, etc., and I prefer studio quality music rather than screams combined with music and average quality sound.

    ...By that said, I don't see the point in getting drunk or doing drugs, which is another reason why people meet up.

    I think it's an E/S/F thing: mostly E, leastly F.

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