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    Quote Originally Posted by INTP View Post
    yea, karate isnt really effective on taking people down fast. not saying that a good karateka cant easily beat up many people who have no knowledge on martial arts, its just that karate doesent teach you the fastest ways to cripple your opponent, like for example they do in krav maga or what this guy does from 45 sec onwards:

    problem with karate is that it just isnt brutal enough and doesent teach pressure points(which reduces the brutality a great deal), also that stance used in karate isnt very good vs anything else than other karateka or vs someone who has no idea how to fight. if you face three people, you need to take them down fast and to do that, you need to brake bones, collar bone for example brakes easily, is relatively easy to hit and your opponent wont continue to fight after. or twist joints, so that they brake or use pressure points in very brutal ways(mainly the ones in throat, solar plexus, eyes or balls). etc etc

    and yes, its ok to brake bones, poke their eyes potentially blinding the eye or other potentially permanent damage if they come 3vs1. that sort of fuckers deserve a proper ass whipping they dont easily forget
    What most people know as karate these days is far removed from the fighting forms of the original samauri who developed it though.

    Its been filtered through a years and years of being reduced to an arena sport and often childrens fitness regime, often totally out of any reference to original cultural context too.

    I have, as a curio, a small pulp paperback I discovered years ago in a second hand bookshop called "super karate, yeah" or something like that, it was from a time, long ago, when eastern martial arts were seriously esoteric and predating any of the martial arts movies, bruce lee, the karate kid, any of that (Bruce Lee hated the use of karate to designate all eastern martial arts and gave interviews about that).

    In this book there are illustrations about jabs, cobra strikes, chops, some seriously nasty and debilitating stuff and it clearly predates any sort of publishing code or publishers liability and would appear to be some white, western, US writer providing, totally unfiltered, death dealing techniques he's learned on tour around Japan.

    Odd and unusual sources like that aside even more recent movies like Jet Lee's Fist of Legend show how Karate and Kung Fu both used to be less about fixed positions and proper fighting, Bruce Lee talked about this when coming to the west and becoming interested in boxing like Muhammed Ali, its virtually were Jeet Kune Do comes from and its the precursor to so called all in and MMA fighting.

    Although, one massive caveat I'd add if this thread is going to discuss fighting and street crime is that you've got to have a lot more than moves on your side, I've been in a lot of violent situations, seen others freeze and faulter just when you'd think they wouldnt or shouldnt or when its likely to actually encourage violence from an aggressor, I've studied and seen how matching of emotions can work and influence these things for fair or foul.

    Most of all you've got to know what you're willing to lose and what consequences you're willing to deal with, relinquishing possessions often saves your skin and that sort of survivalism is important, its how professionals, police or intelligence operatives are liable to operate, there's more avoidance in those trades than confrontation or dumb head on fighting.

    A lot of the time criminals may just be engaged in robbery as a pretext, they're looking for an excuse for violence, the act of robbery probably has less to do with real need than their own perceived power and desire to control or dominate others and situations. Consequently shit can escalate incredibly quickly, to real ultra violence, there wont be any conscience checking it, there wont be any inhibitions about it and the victim will be seen as to blame by the perpetrator. I always remember an episode of the simpsons were Homer gets in some sort of scrape and walks away from what should be a cause for depression by saying "The jokes on them, I'm still alive", you've got to think about that and like that.

    No matter how well trained you are and how prepared you are to employ force and violence yourself, no matter how convinced of your right to self-defence, I've found that in most people who are "normal", for want of a better word, and not some disturbed, hard hearted douche, they will unconsciously pull their punches and be inhibited when shit gets real. Its a theme in more than a dozen movies that I can think of, from Saving Private Ryan to Creep, Wolf Creek and real video nasties like that. I've seen it play out in real life though and people should be aware of that. Its not a flaw. Its not weakness but it could be a weakness if you choose to ignore it. Its like height or eye colour or any other real trait effecting your life and self.
    All for ourselves, and nothing for other people, seems, in every age of the world, to have been the vile maxim of the masters of mankind.
    Chapter IV, p. 448. - Adam Smith, Book 3, The Wealth of Nations

    whether or not you credit psychoanalysis itself, the fact remains that we all must, to the greatest extent possible, understand one another's minds as our own; the very survival of humanity has always depended on it. - Open Culture

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    Kirsty is great. She felt so bad (she saw it happen, hence the embarrassing part). - She felt so bad about it, she phoned this girl she knows I know called Savannah at like 4am after she finished work, told her what happened and wanted to know that I was okay, Savannah starts to ring EVERYBODY, even almost having fights with some people who didn't want to tell her my address - It happened like 10:30pm Friday just before Kirsty went to work, Kirsty called Savannah around 4am Saturday morning and around 3pm Sunday, when I got one of my old phones up and running and called Savannah, Savannah told me, to my surprise, what Kirsty had done, how bad she felt, the works, and then she told me she spent Saturday trying to find my house to come and check up on me.... Kirsty even said to Savannah that I didn't owe anything and that it was cool and that's like £100 I owe Kirsty. I found out yesterday, what happened, that Kirsty felt bad and that Savannah was looking for me, was a complete surpirse and a touching thing. I sent Kirsty a text right away saying it's cool, that I was okay, and that I didn't want her to write off the £100. OKAY... So now half the neighbourhood knows... I don't care... I'm still touched and, it could have been worse.

    They never hurt me, it was quite humane in that sense. One held my bag, and the other two ran my pockets...

    Reading your own experiences made me realise that even though it's a pain in the butt, it happens.

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    Five drunk guys once tried to overpower me and take my carkeys when I went to pick them up in a cab.

    They failed, Darwin would not be proud of how I respond in such situations. Adrenaline is a scary substance.

    Oh well, some people respond even sillier, a friend of my brother once had a gun pulled to his head, the assailant asking for a cigarette, and he claimed not to smoke, while lighting a cigarette, and told him to fuck off. In that case I probably would have given him a pack of smokes. :P
    ~Self-depricating Megalomaniacal Superwolf

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    I took Hapkido, one of those MAs where you learn to blow out elbows, scoop out eyeballs and disarm a man with a gun and then shoot him with it.. The most useful thing I learned about self-defense is that when you unnecessarily enter into a physical altercation, you have already lost part of the battle. You have increased your risk of physical harm.

    This makes so much sense to me. I am not a coward, my pain tolerance is high... but still, I quake in fear of limping for the rest of my life because of a shattered knee cap, and paying the bills for it. The general rule is, is somebody mugs you give them your money unless you think they're going to hurt you anyway, then you fight. If someone pulls a knife on you, throw a chair at him and run. Yep.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qlip View Post
    I took Hapkido, one of those MAs where you learn to blow out elbows, scoop out eyeballs...
    Oh yeah? Well I learned not to fight...

    Too many dead guys (and girls) to try anything stupid where I live.

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