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    Gawd, so that's like wasting part of your life worrying about planning for your death. A will would be more than enough for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PJWakt View Post
    Predetermination would be terrible. Uncertainty helps us to be properly alive.
    agreed. with that said, i plan to die at 55.

    Quote Originally Posted by Little_Sticks View Post
    Gawd, so that's like wasting part of your life worrying about planning for your death. A will would be more than enough for me.
    better than wasting a part of your life posting about how you wouldn't be planning for your death. its a call to action.
    Oh, its

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    I would rather have these events arise organically, as a product of the life that was lived rather than as a product of plans that only reflect my conscious desires. If I live to be someone whom those surrounding me would want to make a big fancy funeral with guest speakers for, then that is appropriate. But If I die friendless, a celebrity funeral would be meaningless. Although, a funeral that reflects a life spent planning a funeral is sensible. Just not sure if it would satisfy me for real in this situation.

    Also, knowing the end date would certainly breed procrastination for me, just like any other due date. Like, "I have until I'm 100 to get this done. I've got looots of time!" But then, when I'm 90, going like "Aw noes, this life goal of producing a movie is taking longer than I estimated, especially with my 90-year-old brain!"

    However, the security of knowing I could not die unexpectedly would not suck the power out of taking risks. That would not be one of my objections because risk would still exist: there are worse things than death and certain situations where death has a good reason to arrive soon. Say I jumped out of a plane at age 28 and sustained an injury that left me totally paralyzed except for my eyes. Or, horror movie scenario: was buried alive at age 30, or developed an incurable and disfiguring illness that normally would kill within a few weeks. A set death day would eliminate one major mortal risk, but also open up a whole new world of uncertainties.

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    The most obviulous benefit to this system would be that until that date, you can do whatever you want absolutely knowing it wont kill you. Jumping butt naked from airplanes mid air without anything to slow down my fall, here i come!

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