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    Default What Do You Fear?

    I am truly afraid of dark places. I am not afraid of the 'dark' in a sense; I am terrified of what is just beyond sight - like under decks, inside holes, things like that. When I swim at the river, the river bank terrifies me because of what can be living between the muck and tree roots that crawl up vertical embankments -_-

    If we are to get metaphysical, I fear dying and God not being too happy about my philosophical stances.

    I also fear wrecking on my motorcycle and being physically disfigured, which is why I've toned down on both my stupidity and frequency on that machine.


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    Everyone's a tough guy, eh?

    I really need to quit making shitty threads when I'm bored, lolz.

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    Rejection, abandonment, spiders, wasps, falling from high places, disease, failure, saws, sharp knives, piranhas, sharks, drowning, badly lit streets at night, fires and prison.
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    I have a couple which come to mind right away:-

    - I fear wasps or hornets or stinging and biting insects with a vengence.

    - I'm afraid of syringes, blood tests and medical procedures which I always suspect will involve syringes or the sight of them.

    - I'm afraid of possession or vampires or the supernatural, since childhood, the fear has a political dimension too, it is the idea of unassailable/over powering might which has a political or criminal equivalent and the fear of being trapped in my body looking out while I'm compelled to do evil things, that is a little like brainwashing or so I imagine.

    - I'm afraid of growing old in the world as it is.

    - I'm afraid of friends or family coming to harm. Especially my parents.
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    I used to fear death, but not as much now, still a little.

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    What have I to dread? What have I to fear? I'm leaning on the everlasting arms. I know who I am. I know whose I am. Whether I live or whether I die, I am at peace.

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    I have a disruptive fear of certain diseases, most notably cancer. Getting such a disease myself or having a loved one get it is my biggest fear by far. Sad thing it is it has already happened once (my grandma) and is pretty likely to happen again. I have to say I dealt remarkably well with my grandma's illness though (thank you, Zoloft).

    More minor fears include heights, spiders and people lurking about at night.
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    There's not much I actively fear / dwell on. I don't think fear is a notable aspect of my psychae.

    But I have a background concern around growing older and being alone without income/ability to care for myself. It's probably a little more of a concern than for many because I don't have a significant other or children.
    "...On and on and on and on he strode, far out over the sands, singing wildly to the sea, crying to greet the advent of the life that had cried to him." - James Joyce

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    - Mirrors, at night. I hate walking into a room with a mirror, and not knowing what will be staring back at me when I turn on the light and look into the glass. (Not rational, I know, but I've had recurring nightmares about mirrors since I was five years old.)

    - All the stereotypical ESTJ/1w2 things: Rejection, incorrectness, weakness, humiliation/shame, being hated/loathed, being viewed as not worthy of respect, forgetting the rules I live by/losing my principles/losing everything I love about myself and everything other people love about me, becoming a worse person than I currently am, being unable to fix my problems

    - Being insulted when I try to seek people out and show them the real me, e.g. being called "untrustworthy" by an employer, being called "ugly" by a guy I'm on a date with
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    My biggest fear is people I don't care about, latching on to me, telling me their life story and all their problems.
    My even bigger fear is of becoming that type of person myself.

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