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    Fears that don't stop me in my tracks:

    - I fear drowning. I'm a really good swimmer as a result lol.
    - I'm scared of fire. I dislike starting fires in the fireplace, although I like them once they are there. I can put another log in, but I don't like stirring it. I really hate lighters--I always use those old lady ones with the long necks. I like the way fire looks though. The heat is comforting. But I associate hot grease from cooking with fire, and I am scared of that as well. I have trouble removing things from the oven--I have to talk myself into it and then move like it's a critical part of Jenga.
    - My own imagination scares me at times. It will play tricks on me, or make something out of nothing, and I'll end up running down a hall to catch up with friends, or to get out of a place, or to get into a move public place from a secluded one.
    - Spiders don't scare me, but having visitors show up in my personal space without my noticing until they're close will make me jump.
    - Electricity is scary to me. Or, rather, the thought of being electrocuted scares me. I LOVE lightning and think it is so lovely, but I'll be so weary from fear after watching it that I'll need to settle down for a while.

    Things that stop me in my tracks:
    - Heights. I like heights, it has to be a subconscious thing.. I don't know why I am so scared of them, but I panic like crazy just from a small amount of height. I never understood what is so scary about it to me. I'd like to enjoy things like flying in planes, and going to the top of buildings, because the scenery is so lovely. But I have trouble with it.
    - Chloroform. I know this one sounds really stupid.. but any sort of 'knock-out' agent scares me to death. That gas doctors give you to fall asleep, I've never had it.. I had local numbing agents to take my wisdom teeth out from sheer fear of them. Chloroform and anything else like it scares me stupid. The thought of blacking out in general is terrifying to me. I dislike drinking heavily for that reason as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Oakysage View Post
    It doesn't have to be a wrong question. It just brings amusement to people around to hear the little things that can cause people to pump up to an adrenaline thrill. And perhaps the more deeper things that work in the background.

    For their reasons why they fear them, well... fear is a motivating factor against suffering. We fear the suffering of ourselves through infinite possibilities of what happens to us and what happens to others. Would you fear losing all the respect others have for you? If not, would you fear a life devoid of any contentment or happiness? It's absolutely fine to have fears and we can always forget about them as we wish, but it's better not to deny its existence. Though yes, it's always good to look at the better side of the motivational spectrum.
    For me suffering is a part of sacrificial love. I embrace suffering. Not out of fear, but out of reverence for life.

    My only point is we do not have to live in fear. There is another choice. Others can choose it if they want. I never denied their fears. That is their business not mine.

    As for me, I answered the mystery years ago. Life has been amazing without it. I have another integration point that motivates me.

    I'll leave you all to your amusement.

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    Ah, I imagine the understanding of what I mentioned did not fully play well. I'll give the future a bit of a chance.

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    Public humiliation
    Growing old
    Realizing that I'm on the brink of death and finding out that I didn't do the things in life that truly matter to me
    Small, dark enclosed spaces
    This may sound weird by shadows in the dark can easily creep me out
    Maybe not so much a fear, but I'm very easily startled by sudden loud noises

    It may sound cliche but the phrase "there's nothing to fear but fear itself" clearly applies to me. I'll imagine some horrible scenario like losing all of my loved ones in a natural disaster, getting some horribly painful or disfiguring disease that cannot be adequately treated, or living in extreme poverty. It's not so much the events in themselves I fear so much as whether or not I'd be emotionally stable enough to adequately cope in such situations.
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    bruised/fucked ego
    women crushing my soul

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    We experience and perceive so little of what's actually out there--we only have one lifetime's worth of wisdom to gain, and it doesn't seem like it's enough. So, I fear being deluded.

    We're also egocentric as hell. I fear getting distracted from greater goals out of selfishness, gratification, or convenience.

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