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    Quote Originally Posted by jontherobot View Post
    Probably a silly question, but a question nonetheless.

    I've noticed over the years I tend to speed read in a sense. I look over pages for basic concepts, plot points, and other things of the like just for the sake of continuing progress at an accelerated rate. If I'm on the first paragraph of a page in a novel, and I don't feel anything going anywhere, I pick out bits and pieces and continue to the next page. Sometimes, though, I have found myself unaware of what's happening, and sometimes I'll look back and realize I haven't committed to memory a single important detail for the past thirty pages, though my mind was certainly generating imagery. I suppose I'm not so much focused about particulars of words as I am the overall structure of a novel, though I tend to do this with non-fiction as well, which almost defeats the purpose of reading non-fiction.

    The only up side is that I can read a book six times and still find new content =P

    How do you tend to read?
    Pretty much this.

    Sometimes I have read a book I've read many times before and come across a passage I swear someone snuck it in. I want to argue, "This wasn't here before!" I can get bored with a book if it has too much detail. Elaborate descriptions of certain things put me to sleep. Minutiae about landscapes, traveling long distances (are we there yet?), and battle scenes, etc. are especially boring to me...ugh. I have several favorite books where I have never read certain sections because they go into just too much damn detail for my brain to take.

    If I'm studying, I can't just read it. I have to write (not type) notes on it. If I write it down, I won't forget it. I'll also mutter under my breath while doing helps somehow.

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    Like a sponge. I just look at something's general direction and the reading somehow happens. It's like *shoooop* and my brain sucks everything up without me realizing I'm even doing it.

    Unless I'm tired. Then I have to try a bit and some times have to go back or miss stuff.

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