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    Default What seems like a reasonable amount of screen time, how do you decide?

    I mean for adults or children but I've been thinking about it lately, too much screen time for instance if you dont go out of the house that day or what? By screen time I mean TV, DVD, internetz, games, the lot.
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    Chapter IV, p. 448. - Adam Smith, Book 3, The Wealth of Nations

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    4w5 so


    I would limit my child's screen time so heinously.
    ( . )( . )

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    Excess in moderation.

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    I think, since I'm terribly addicted to the internet, the most feasible option is to go two hours on, four hours off, four hours on, one hour off, and be on it the rest of the night before bed.

    So, like. . . 24-8-5= 11 hours.

    Wait, that's still no good.


    Anyways, I think the most ideal would be to split it 60/40 - 60 percent of your waking hours doing other things, 40 percent of your waking hours in front of a screen.

    Yeah, it's still unhealthy, but at least it's more ideal.

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