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    yeah, I've had a really bizarre sleep history though.(Walking, talking, lucid dreaming, slapping my boyfriend in the face..... ) It's usually spiders or cockroaches for me. The worse was when there were all these exotic dangerous looking creatures hanging from strings on my ceiling, crawling over my walls, and climbing around in my bed.... I wake up occasionally and actually see these things occurring in my room. (Same lighting, etc...) It's almost like a hallucination but it occurs when I wake up from a deep sleep. I've (fully) woken up on the other side of the house screaming and crying a few times.
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    I had this maybe 7 years ago...I was dreaming I had just found out that I had two moms and I woke up crying. It went on for around 10 minutes before I realized 1) I don't have two moms 2) Even if I did, it's nothing to cry about.

    For some reason, this sticks with me..enough to mention it at least.

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    Well one time I did go around the house looking for the strange people that were having an orgy in my room to tell them they have to leave. Took about 15 minutes to realize it was a dream and I was now awake.

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    It happens to me a lot but never lasts more than a minute or two.

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    i had a period of having sleep paralysis.. omg that's scary and i now believe there is a very strange plane of existence where we all go in our's a frighteningly bizarre place...hell would be to be stuck there or maybe that's what crazy is like...which may be the same thing...

    but omg i had that teeth falling out dream the other night. i know it's very common and means you're feeling helpless and out of control or whatever but this was really whole jaw was dislocating and the roof of my mouth was peeling off...teeth just crumbling out of my head...ughh...i was very glad to wake up and find my jaw intact.
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