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    Default warding off a j force push

    imagine you'ld have to work in j central with no allies around and try to keep up to your peers expectations. you are quite good at what you do and are someone who, being concerned with only the big picture, managed already to draw in some big fishes. your sole problem is an interchanging motivation and the days on which you pull a big deal are scarce.

    knowing your j peers and their restlessness, nervosity and constant need for pristine perfection in even utterly unimportant things, you play along and give your best to fit in. tho you basically already are off the scale in enduring irrational mood swings and not seeing a systematic core behaviour in your peers personality, you play along and endure.

    but what do you do on those single days, when bureaucratic insanity reaches its peak and you just cant keep up with the js no more. when you just need your time in the hangmatt telling the world to gf itself and chill out, knowing that all important things in life aint your work, but your love, your health and a nice glass of wine..

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    I'd try to use their own micromanaging policies to my own advantage and keep myself under the radar. If they're concentrating on unimportant stuff and I've accomplished what I've needed to do, I'd try to slip out--physically if possible, mentally if not.

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