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    Hmmm....for me, love is a feeling that thrives by making a conscious effort to access it.

    I can find myself having fallen in love with someone seemingly out of nowhere, but commitment and duty that help keep that love alive are very much a conscious decision.

    In a way it's like love forces my consciousness to make different decisions, instead of my consciousness deciding that my emotions feel love.
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    I disagree with the assessment that one can not control attraction or falling in love. Both can be done.
    It's usually subconscious, but definitely doesn't have to be i.e. one can control and direct processes that are usually largely subconscious via conscious processes. It's never a clear distinction anyway.

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    It depends on how you define love. The way I like to think of it is a feeling you have for someone. If you agree with this definition, I think it is not a rational or conscious decision.

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    Like many people have already said, I believe you can control your actions, feelings are a bit harder to reign in. You can't force yourself to like/dislike someone, it's a very natural and subtle process. I believe falling in love starts off subconsciously, but the more aware you become of your feelings, the more you're able to do something about it. You can't turn them on or off automatically, but you can make decisions now that you've become aware of/accepted what you feel, and act based on what you decided.
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