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    It's annoying if it's bad enough that I can't understand the person and have to keep saying "What?" It makes me feel rude for having to say "What?" and I hate sounding like a broken record, so I have to start thinking of different ways to basically say "What?": "Pardon me?" "Say again?" "I didn't quite catch that." "One more time?" I end up feeling like the dumbass, when it's probably my interlocutor's fault for not having the courtesy to meet me halfway.

    That said, it is simply an annoying behavior, which does not necessarily translate into an annoying person.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady X View Post
    i don't care if it's quiet or unfocused but it's difficult when people have thick accents too..
    I wrote up a post comparing mumbling to accents, but you already did it

    I have to 'strain' to understand a extreme mumbler in exactly the same way as I do to understand someone with a thick accent.

    Sometimes, I can get in sync with the other person, especially in one-on-one conversation. Whether it's that I begin to understand them better, or that their own mumbling/accent lessens, we can start speaking on the same wavelength.

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    That they mumble.

    The end.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicodemus View Post
    That they mumble.
    What he said.^

    I'm more frustrated by people who think I am mumbling. Especially my mother, who is quite obviously losing her hearing as she gets older but doesn't seem to care to do anything about it. Conversations with her often end up going one of two ways: 1) I repeat myself two or three times, progressively louder and louder until I feel like I am yelling at her and she finally hears me or 2) repeat myself a couple times, don't have the patience to raise my voice any higher, and mutter "never mind" to myself.

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