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    When I was 4, I remember stapling my thumb because I was curious to see how much it would hurt. All I remember was screaming and my mom whooping my ass for being an idiot. Yup, I was a stupid kid.
    "Do not be satisfied with fragmentary happiness, which is invariably interrupted by shocks and blows of fate; but become complete, and having attained to perfection, be Yourself.”

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    Too many things. As a child I was the reincarnation of dennis the menace. I look like him, talked like him (same voice), and even acted like him. When I was young (and too little to understand), my family members would give me a quarter if I shouted "Hello Mr. Wilson!" loudly over a fence and they would CRACK up in hysterics. I wish there was a recording of it.

    Anyway, I did act like him. It was of the same vein too. I was simply curious, and not the least bit malicious with my intentions. I remember when I was 3 I would drop pebbles down the exhaust tube for the dryer in the basement (it was very low to the ground outside the house). I like the way it sounded, and I had a fascination with vents. My parents would scoop me up and say no whenever I did it. Well, eventually over time I put so many rocks in there that it blocked up the exhaust and the dryer overheated and broke.

    + I also pulled down the fire alarm in preschool because I was talking to my imaginary friends (only child) saying: "see this? You can never ever pull this!" and my hand slipped and I pulled it.

    + I took a crap in my uncles backyard because I said I had to potty and if I could go outside. He said yes. I lacked the common sense to know not to do that. After squatting for a while my uncle and family members went "Hard, what is taking so long" and I said "I am going poopy!" cue the collective "NOOOOOOOO" but it was too late.

    + When I was about 8 my mother ran into the living room and shouted "YES! Carol (her sister in law and my aunt) isn't going to be at the cristmas party! Yippe!" Curious me asked why she was excited, and she told me that she hates aunt Carol and is glad to not have to spend time near her. Well, when I ran to my grandparents early for the party (they lived a block away) I busted in the door to a large group of family members and proclaimed "Guess what everyone! My mom is super happy aunt Carol isn't going to be here!". The silence was deafaning and I was as clueless as a kitten.

    + When I was 8 I flashed my entire family because they were quiet after the 4th of july fireworks and I thought it would wake them up and be funny. When my mother tried to explain to me that it was wrong I stared at her totally clueless. It did not compute.

    + When I was 9 I was playing catch with a brick (yes, a brick) with my former step sister. At one point I thought it would be funny to heave ho it backwards. It flung way off course and smashed into one of the windows. I was very lucky that particular window was plexi glass, and the brick mearly bounced, but it was quite the thunderous clunk.

    + Around the same age, me and several of my former step sibblings would throw our pet ducks off the roof of the house. Normally they would fly to the end of the yard and land. On one particular case we threw the duck, and it went up, flew away, and did not come back.

    Those are the ones I can think of right now.

    Tagging @EJCC and @Ivy because I think some of these might leave them slightly moritfied .
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    so many things... here is a good one...

    when i was just a little short of three i put on an adult's pair of cowboy boots and ran into the living room otherwise nude... i grabbed "myself" and waved it up and down announcing to my parents and our guest that i was an elephant...
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