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    Regardless of the whys or whats, people could mind their own business more. I think that people who even care enough to comment are the same people who need to comment about everything. Like busybodying grannies, sitting on a porch scowling and assessing everyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by neworder View Post
    I love the people that graduate from college and expect jobs to fall in their laps. Then they complain that there's no jobs when they don't have any real work experience. Cry me a river, if you don't like your situation do something about it you hippies! Get a job!

    I'm glad this was your first post.

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    It is pretty rude to tell someone to get a job. Unless you're paying the bills, then it is a bit more okay.

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    Does it ever occur to these people that maybe some people shouldn't have jobs? That maybe it would be completely outside of their best interests (and society's) for certain people to be working? Hiring someone who is clearly unfit for employment sounds like a terrible idea. It will cost the business when the person inevitably proves him/herself unable to fulfill duties and will cost the worker when he/she ends up getting fired/quitting/injured/etc. So, I say this "Don't get a job."

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    My response to 'get a job':
    "Ok. I'm self employed. My job is to not listen to you and I will pay myself with mental hugs, and snacks."

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    Well, if you're a person with a job and another person is leeching your resources from you with no sense of remorse or gratefulness (or drive to find themselves a job), yeah sure go ahead and scold them.

    But I'm more of the opinion that, on the whole, someone's employment status isn't any of your biznass.

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