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    Default Do you feel better with discussion or with internal analysis?

    I ask this question because ive realised that I often feel better if I discuss a problem with someone, even if it is just one person in private.

    It doesn't even have to be in depth. It can be as simple as merely voicing a concern or anxiety. The very act of verbalising it to others appears to release the pressure and almost instantly induces an emotional 'pleasantness'.

    The other side to this, though, is that there are some problems I cannot discuss, which are best left inside my head to be dealt with by my own systems.

    So it is a duality to some extent, but I suspect that the first is more prevelant for me than the latter.

    It could also be that the problems from the first are more of a social and physical nature, whereas the ones from the second are a product of a more intangible and less social nature.
    I wasn't sure where to put this but here seemed best.

    Incidentally one final question:

    Do you come up with your own ideas or do others prompt you and you run with them?
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    Depends on what it is. I think my need to discuss things or inform may come more from my extroverted the way I want to stack up facts or debate ideas, well that's probably Se/Te.

    However, when I'm analyzing my own behavior and morality and conscious state that's better done internally. Fi/Ni?

    Like I mean when I want to make sense of life events, external power structures (or political structures) or that kind of stuff, I'm very externally motivated to discuss. I need to discuss. I want to discuss, usually one-on-one in person/on phone/in IM...or on a forum.

    I know what you mean by unloading some things causes a pleasantness, like telling someone something that happened to you that was stressful or confusing, even the getting it out in either speaking or just typing can help me.

    However it would be very distracting and unproductive to discuss other things, like my aesthetic experience of a film or my moral understanding of a book, or a reflection of my own inner state or neuroses. Those processes are very internal.

    And this probably makes sense with the functions I have; Se would want to report events or share what was observed, and Te would want to discuss structures and ideas; Fi and Ni would be more internal processes, and actually might make me feel angry, confused or violated if I discussed them too extensively with others. Which is probably why I sometimes act batshit on the forum if I get too Fi.

    I think Fi gives people the feeling that some part of them is being violated; I'm guessing Si users also feel this way about other people disrupting their personal order; and it may also be why Ti users can get so snippy when you challenge their ideas. I'm not sure I've ever seen an INFJ get snippy about their Ni (actually what I've noticed that INFJs tend to do is hide and not say as much unless they're in the mood to Fe or Ti) ...but I have seen INTJs get snippy as hell about their Ni; but that may just be their tertiary Fi...maybe Ni just STFU more, and it's more difficult to verbalize.

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    Talking is very therapeutic.

    Still, I rely mostly on internal analysis.

    I get ideas on my own.
    ( . )( . )

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    Quote Originally Posted by AffirmitiveAnxiety View Post

    Do you come up with your own ideas or do others prompt you and you run with them?
    I imagine most people will have a sense of duality about this.. can be both, depending on the topic/circumstance.

    For me personally, I tend to naturally prefer internal analysis & reflection to gain new insights, etc. Afterward, I may also look for additional information or perspectives on topics surrounding a problem or concern by discussing general ideas with someone. I don't naturally go to others to just flat-out discuss/analyze a problem. I'll disclose information about the problem if someone is curious, if I have it somewhat under control, but there's not always anything to take apart, in that sense, nor will I want to, in most cases.. I'll only share if someone wants the bare bones info, if it's relevant.. I'm not doing it for support/advice, I guess.. I've been looking after myself emotionally since I was very young, so it doesn't even cross my mind to discuss it with someone when I'm working on resolving it; just isn't how I'm built. Mh, again, all depends on the context of the situation and the people around, energy/stress levels...

    But yea- mostly I'll deal alone, huffing NiTi fumes til I reach some greater understanding, hah.
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    I feel better with discussion, even if I have to mull over things (obsess and go in circles, more like) first. It helps me be more clear.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lexicon View Post
    I imagine most people will have a sense of duality about this.. can be both, depending on the topic/circumstance.
    nah. just introverts

    I like discussing stuff

    One introvert / extrovert communication issue can be illustrated like this:
    introvert: i will think about something and give you my conclusion. maybe.
    extrovert: What you just said is the basis I will use for this discussion rather than a conclusion
    introvert: let me think about this
    extrovert: well isn't it what we're doing now ?
    introvert: you do not respect my personal bubble I will therefore stop sharing my conclusions with you
    extrovert: how can I understand your personal space needs if we do not discuss it !
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    I enjoy discussing things. Conclusions are near impossible to arrive to on my own, even then, they aren't very concrete.

    I'd like to say my ideas are my own, but wisdom dictates information breeds information.

    Though.... nm. Too much thinking.

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    I like talking things out more. Usually when I'm analyzing stuff internally, it only goes so far, so I have to pull from an outside source to get some perspective.


    Now that I think about it, though, I definitely prefer internal analysis when I'm kind of trying to figure out my opinion on stuff like politics or philosophy or other intellectual 'puzzles'. Or I listen to others talk about it to me. But there's rarely an actual exchange, because I'm not incredibly driven to know the ins and outs of a particular issue, which is the only point at which I feel comfortable discussing an issue.

    But then, I'm sort of lazy, so I never go into in-depth research and so I never reach a definitive conclusion. :P

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    It depends on the nature of the 'problem' and the person with whom I would be discussing it.

    If I'm stuck on a technical problem at work I don't mind asking someone else for their input or guidance, although I will almost always try to find a solution myself before approaching someone else.

    'Personal' problems? I keep that shit on lockdown. Experience has taught me to keep it to myself.

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    Discussions. I have to air out my feelings (lol that word has caused such a ruckus on this forum), or else they eat me up.

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