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    Quote Originally Posted by dala View Post
    Spectacular boom, bright light, and slow motion? It was actually a pretty awesome dream.

    Yes, yes, and yes. It put me at peace, knowing there isnt too much to be done about it lol.

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    If I have died in any dreams, I don't remember them, but I typically don't remember my dreams after a few hours of waking up unless they were particularly strange or notable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joehobo View Post
    I used to ask myself the same question, I think its a much more subtle thing you got to consider.
    Although I'm not suggesting anything, this is a very odd experience for me, but every since I took to praying violence in my dreams as well as other things from horror movies where I'd see weird figures trying to attack me. All kind of stopped, there is the once off but nothing like it used to be.

    I think this shows its more of a underlying issue causing it, me believing in the power of prayer would of caused my mind to tell itself it's safe from whatever fears because it was being resolved during my waking hours. Manipulating your own mind, it helps.
    Yeah that works. Weird thing is, I'm not scared of it in the dream. I'm just kind of oblivious to it like its mundane and normal. It doesn't creep me out until I wake up and realize all the context.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sprinkles View Post
    Yeah that works. Weird thing is, I'm not scared of it in the dream. I'm just kind of oblivious to it like its mundane and normal. It doesn't creep me out until I wake up and realize all the context.
    Yeah, it does feel mundane and normal within the dream, but when you wake up then it's like.. holy crap.. is that even normal. Haha. Do you ever try interpreting your dreams?

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    The closest thing I experienced to dying in a dream was this one strange dream - posted it in my blog awhile back so I'll just link it.

    Freaky stuff, but quite neat. Wondering if I was dead. Strange I didn't think to wonder if I was dreaming.
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    Yesterday I've dreamed that I was swimming in a lake full of greco-roman ruins and I felt dirty. I desperately wanted to reach the center of the lake, I knew the water was clean there, but I also knew I was going to be stopped somehow. A shark appeared, I've tried to scare it away, but it slowly grasped on my legs and I was torn apart.

    It was interesting since I didn't have a meaningful dream for a long time.

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    I had a dream once when I was dead, lying in my grave. That was really strange. Somehow in my dream, I was aware that I was dead. My soul must have separated from my body or something.
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    i once dreamt i was aboard the sinking RMS Titanic.

    i sat on the bridge with the captain himself and a young boy. we all shared stories as the ship sank, transporting ourselves and each other to far away worlds, acceptant of our impending doom. when it came time, we all gave a cheers and i laid myself down.

    water rushed over me, but i was at peace. calmly, i held my breath as long as i could. racing, my mind crept closer to black... black.... black....

    a tingle washed over my body. for a second or two, i felt at one with myself.

    then i opened my eyes. i was on my couch. i could still feel the tingle in my toes and fingertips.

    needless to say, if i have to die, i hope it's drowning. thank you all for sharing your experiences.

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    As far as I can remember, I've only had two dreams where I actually died...both as a result of multiple gunshots.
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    *when i was nine i had a dream that a werewolf was chasing me through a clock-tower in london. i kept running through doors that were getting progressively sturdier and high tech, and it kept breaking through them. the last door led to me to a circular window at the end of a hallway (at the top of the tower) and i dove through it to escape the monster.

    *another had to do with zombies trying to get inside a house i was in. i ran to the bathroom and slit my wrists to avoid becoming one. weirdly enough, i felt great when i woke up--completely stress free and happy.

    *this one isn't about me dying but about some odd humanoid creature being sacrificed. three ostrich-like things were walking along a savannah-type landscape and then they changed into something a little more human-like. they went before a limitless crowd and stood staring at them, almost addressing them. the middle one--the leader--got on his knees and the other two beheaded him; in his place a rubbery, blue plant with the structure of webbing grew and the other two humanoids started to viciously attack the plant, spreading its debris over the crowd. when this happened the gathering became fanatical--yelling, beating their chest, etc.

    edit: the above dream left me feeling shaken. the one who was sacrificed seemed noble. the subordinates/"lieutenants" who did the beheading seemed to enjoy the act and the subsequent thrashing of the plant a little too much, regardless of the fact that within the dream the meetings and doings were necessary--almost like if they were to help the crowd in a different, less violent manner, they would only do so reluctantly. and the crowd itself seemed to enjoy the spectacle to an extent that went beyond nourishment; again, as if they enjoyed the barbaric-ness more so than the sentiment.

    *another weird one was about vampires. they convinced me into taking the turn and then we went about hunting and doing vampire-things. we came to a spot in the night where i was beginning to lose myself to this new identity and we fed on a child... fucked up, i know. as soon as i did it i had so much conscious remorse--and the conscious part of the feeling while dreaming was shocking because while dreaming i'm usually more of a bystander and therefore i experience the whole thing more like that of a movie--i'm never really that attached to anything in the dream (well, except for all of the ones mentioned i guess which is why i remember them so well).
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