Speaking of beards, i've landed a project today! Me and some friends who owns a music store/entertainment company are going to start up business in the area of theme parties.
We're gonna hire a pub once a month and have themes like Pirate, Irish, Soccer nights and maybe a Star Wars or adventurer theme night once in a while. And i've also got another thing going, me and my dad are starting to import cars and mobile homes from germany this autumn, that will increase income vastly He's ENTP and i'm ENTJ and we have it worked out quite well, it will be one smooth operation. For each mobile home or car we'll make aproximately a 30% profit due to the price differences, wich means about a $10 grand profit for cars and 20-30 grand profit for the mobile homes. And it's almost tax free, that's the best part.

This thread is looking more and more like a damned blog