Having been born in 76', I remember my childhood and all of the 80's very well. I remember getting cable tv with HBO and Cinemax in the summer of 82'. I developed my reading skills by reading the cable TV guide and reading what the movie's were about and all the main actors in them. I would plan out which movies were coming on and the dates and times they came on.

MTV went on air Aug.1, 1981 and birthed the music video generation. I watched a lot of MTV back then and still to this day 80's music is very special to me. I see similarities between those decades even though I didn't live through the 50's. Both decades were economically good. With the 50's there were many suburbs popping up all over as the U.S. was growing out of the post-WW2 economic hardship.

I remember getting a (VHS) VCR in 1983. I'm pretty sure the price tag on it said $450 which was a lot of money considering about 10 years after that the price had dropped to under $100 for a VCR.

I've spent countless hours on this site reading up on different decades as to what stuff cost in different eras ,popular culture,houses,music, fashion , trends , automobiles , tv shows and movies, ect. > http://www.thepeoplehistory.com/

It would be awesome to live in a world where you could blend 1950's and 1980's culture together but with the technology of 2012.