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    Reichian therapy takes us out of control, over the top, into uncharted emotional territory, into our repressed emotions, all under the care of a professional therapist.

    Then still under the care of our professional reichian therapist, we come to understand our emotions and integrate them into our daily life.

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    Definitely have been there.

    Emotions are naturally spirals, man. One minute, some thing is affecting you in a negative way; the next minute, you're blaming yourself; the next, you think you're worthless and you feel really depressed about that.

    The existence of that spiral's kind of hard to internalize--we naturally ask ourselves where "the world's fault" ends and "our fault" begins. We connect everything to everything else (we're creatures of association), especially to ourselves.

    Actually realizing that makes it easier to just let that initial feeling happen, to accept and note it, and to let it pass by without letting it spiral into control.

    Quote Originally Posted by whatever View Post
    why bother getting down about it when you can just move on to the next thing? the past is done
    Now this is something that I've been able to do more and more, and I'm thankful for it. When something gets me, I try to learn what I can from it, shrug it off, and move on.

    Because, yeah, it's done.

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    My youngest niece told me it's a sign of guilt. For me, it definitely is and not projecting that on to you in anyway.

    It just made me think about my right to be emotional when I need to. It also made me think about how I need to learn control.

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