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View Poll Results: Should violent sex offenders have to take lie detector tests after prison release

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    They aren't accurate and I'm surprised that they are still used.

    The control questions are a big part of tricking the polygraph and they really aren't a control because the subject can easily figure out what is going on which effects the outcome.

    Not to mention that some people are just naturally immune to it because they are very calm and confident liars.

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    If you're ginna go through all that trouble and money just chemically castrate them. Much more efficient.
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    Polygraphs are unreliable.

    I also don't like the idea because of the slippery slope (a flawed idea spreading from a fringe group to slowly but surely the public at large).

    That being said, I am OK with lifetime GPS monitoring along with reasonable restraining orders to stay away from children of convicted child molesters after they leave prison.
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    Lie detector tests can not detect lies anymore than a cup of water can. A lie detector test can only detect a physiological response, which of course doesn't equate a lie necessarily. Even if it could, how could it be proven? It can't. The polygraph results aren't admissible in court because everyone knows it doesn't detect lies. The flaw rate of a lie detector is somewhere around 50%... At any rate, the polygraph test would be used simply as a deterrent (because of the stress that comes with submitting to a lie detector test) and/or a interrogative tool, to coax people into admitting things they otherwise wouldn't. Your average Joe being tested on the polygraph most likely won't understand a lie detector test and it's ability (read: inability) to detect lies to it may see some success.

    The polygraph is used in a majority of law enforcement agencies for an applicant going through the screening process for a job. It works in getting applicants to admit things about their past (many times an examiner will say they're reading signs of deception, eliciting an applicant to say "well... there was this one time when..."), and at times it works to the department's advantage in simply "disqualifying" individuals that aren't competitive enough in their resume/credentials/education etc., writing it off as "applicant showed signs of deception on a few questions - failed polygraph". That is why it's used in the police applicant setting.

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