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    Quote Originally Posted by Darya View Post
    this is a question only for men?
    Why would it be? My sister kicked me in the face once..

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    I....Don't keep... count.

    Quote Originally Posted by xisnotx View Post

    don't know why he took his shirt off, though.

    Showing off, LOL

    Some people who workout want to show off their bodies while being close to beating the crap out of each other, it is funny (I saw it happened once in high school.)

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    No idea on the number, fortunately its been a long, long time and I think those days are behind me
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    Quote Originally Posted by xisnotx View Post
    Why would it be? My sister kicked me in the face once..
    I am guessing you were well deserved...

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    My brother & I hit eachother when we were little, like over dumb things, action figures/tv remote, but nothing excessive.

    My mother's crazy boyfriend when I was 10 yrs old.. my brother & I tried to, at least, when he was drunkenly beating my mother.

    My mother - I've never struck, but I have on several occasions restrained her [held her wrists, pushed her away from me] when she's physically attacked me, like struck me in the face, or shoved me when I was in a cast, or when she tried to choke me last year. I'd say my restraining wasn't unwarranted.

    In high school I was involved in a few fist fights when this group of guys started hanging out in random places and jumping my handful of male friends [who are like family to me] one by one. It'd be 4-5 guys on 1. I just felt the need to intervene & reacted. I did end up getting in trouble for that, on one occasion, when a teacher saw me bloody some kid's nose as she approached. I don't regret getting involved-- everyone else was just walking by like it wasn't even happening; staff didn't show up for several minutes, and I'm pretty sure my friend could've been seriously injured by those idiots if all of them had been attacking just him, that entire time.

    The only other people I've struck have been purely in self defense; one guy who tried to pull me in his car [i mentioned this in the 'what are you capable of' thread] and some super drunk guy at a party who wouldn't leave me alone-- let's just say he was being extremely invasive to my personal space, & leave it at that.

    Oh, & I punched my ESTP friend in the face by accident when he caught me by surprise outside of a show venue; I'd parked down a side street in a bad area, was leaning back into my car to get my phone I'd dropped between the seats.. my friend had noticed my car as I'd passed, and, he happens to have this habit of accosting me with huge hugs out of nowhere. He'd sprinted up to where I'd parked, & attempted to do this while my back was turned, without saying anything, and, eh, PTSD or something kicked in--- I immediately spun around- fist landed square on his nose. I felt horrible, but he still finds it hilarious to this day.

    I don't get anything out of violence- it's not cool or invigorating, I never feel the need to strike anything out of anger-- but I feel very fortunate to know how to defend myself if/when necessary.
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    Not that I can remember, but wouldn't hesitate if I had to. Came extremely close a few times, but held myself back
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    These days I'm much more liable to kick someone than I am to punch.

    Too many small bones in the hand.

    [YOUTUBE="d2POFH8J8-I"]Thai Kick[/YOUTUBE]
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    a lot when i was younger. my mom's ex-boyfriend would teach us moves and holds, locks and pressure points; but more than that, he basically tried to give us an education in viciousness: "don't sit there and shove the guy or even box him, chop him in the throat, temple, or solar plexus. after that break something on him, maim him"--he was crazy... ex-military, bad experience, he and his brother are broken people now (one was army, one was marines).

    but yeah... i remember being 3-4 and kicking my brother in the chest, him falling and hitting his head on the sharp edge of a t.v. corner (it was on the floor, poor folk can't afford no expensive coffee tables!), us driving out to the hospital at 2 a.m., the car breaking down and us walking the rest of the way to the hospital (actually, i don't remember then entire walk, we may have gotten a ride).

    ah, childhood memories are the best :P.

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    Are we talking trying to hurt them, out of annoyance, or just messing around? The latter two for me are very high in number; the former, however, is near-zero; I prefer other methods for that than simply smacking someone.

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    Do siblings count? In which case, 4 times for my eldest sister today alone. I can do the math for my four other siblings over a span of 24 years, but I'm too lazy.

    Then to count non-family, which is a long list on its own.

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