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    Default Overheard Conversations

    The conversations I happen to catch as I pass people in the hallways of my apartment building, or walk past an open door can be interesting, and sometimes puzzling. I'm tempted to try and make sense of these fragments. Just like a boring old movie can be more interesting if you pick it up halfway through, and have to try to understand it by context, having missed a lot of back story. Sometimes I'll hear them while in a waiting room or in a cafe or sitting on a bus. Movies. ( No, I mean the conversations. )

    Hearing what little kids say can be funny.

    Here is an adult's attempt to recreate a conversation between children - from a book I just read.

    "Let's play 'Snow White'."
    "That's a girl's story."
    "What story do you want to play?"
    "A story about rockets."
    "I don't want to be a rocket. Let's be boats."
    "We were boats yesterday."

    A few minutes later the kids ask the adults listening if they know any stories.
    "Only one" was the answer.
    "Only one?" The little girl was surprised. "Has it got any frogs in it?"
    "Secret passages?"
    The childen looked at each other. It wasn't much of a story, clearly.
    "We know lots of stories." she said.

    In real life I over heard some young teens 6 months ago say this -
    "Cults are powerful." said one.
    "Blue Jays." was the response.
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    HAHAHA. okay, i overheard this on thursday while i was at my locker. it was in chinese:

    "Holy crap...the cafeteria food today gave me HUGE stomach pains, right? So I went to the bathroom and took a *HUGE* dump..and it smelled so bad.."
    *person replies*
    "YEAH!! I spent 20 minutes in there."
    (at this point I look at the guy and turn around and start laughing like crazy)
    *person looks at me*
    "wtf. it's okay she's white." *takes a better look at me and sees me looking directly at him* "...Crap let's go.."
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