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Are you working in a job/career that you're happy with? What made you choose your job/career? If you're not happy, have you considered other options? Also, if you don't mind, can you share what you do?
I am currrently studying social work, so my direct experience in the field is limited to volunteer hours needed to satisfy class requirements. While I can say that I find the work much more bearable than, say, retail or my current summer job in a warehouse doing sedentary and repetitive work, and, while I have learned quite a bit from this experience, I'd much rather be doing something that garners a more positive reaction when I tell people my career path (particularly those outside of helping professions), and definitely something that generally garners a larger paycheck. I have considered other options, but between my learning and physical disabilities and academic strengths and weaknesses, there does not seem to be anything much better that I am suited for.

My suggestion to you is to look into 'gold-collar' jobs- those in technology-oriented fields that require a brief or up to two year program, and which typically are in rather high demand and can net quite good pay.