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    I don't tip.

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    I usually defer to local custom as far as tipping is concerned. In the US, I take that to mean 15-20% rounded up to the nearest dollar.

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    Eat out, and give away some money! It's fun!

    It is also but one of the economic management systems available worldwide. Defending it as meaningful or valuable is contingent on it existing, so it's probably not surprising that people who usually think they can organise the world could have problems with it and people who don't care to organuise the world but do like to work the system can prefer to think of the system as somehow adequately systematic.

    Who knows if it's adequately systematic? It's not impersonally systematic. It is, for the love Jesus with guns, an Fe system. If you don't join in you're a churl. If you try to take advantage, you're robbing someone's generosity. You harm people if you don't take part. No wonder it makes so many cry.

    I eat out every day but have never lived in a tipping country. Listening to the way people talk about it, it sounds appalling.
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    I pay based on performance (it's the only rationale, really, for tipping as a payment method):

    Complete shit service: nothing
    Bad service: 5-10%
    Avg. service: 15-20%
    Good Service: 20-25%
    Great service: 25%-30%
    Best service I've ever had: >30%

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    I always tip 20% or more, depending on the service. The worst still get the 20%, but if service is excellent I'll go higher. If I'm drunk, the tip may well match the tab.

    I've had some shit ass waiters who really push it, though.
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    yeah Orangey, some servers are purposefully bad and think they can make it up with their salesman-ship, as if the person they're talking to is a child, an idiot, or an invalid.

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    lol man, the wages I'm seeing here are disgustingly low. How could not tip someone in that position.

    Atleast if you where in a place like australia or another country where employers actually pay a decent enough wage to make a living then yeah fair enough. This is just awful.

    I hate the idea of tipping myself, but thats because where I' am you shouldn't NEED to tip, the person gets a proper wage. How aren't people chucking up a shit, seriously $2-$4 an hour? That is crazy!

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    I easily avoid all this by never going out to restaurants or salons. I feel like they're a waste of money, not to mention the interaction can be awkward.
    I'd just prefer to feed/groom myself at home, thanks.

    Wait staff probably hates me because occasionally I'll be dragged out with friends, & end up being that weirdo sitting in the corner with a handful of people who order food, while I get a coffee & a glass of water, continually telling the wait staff, ''yes. i'm sure i'm all set. thanks.'' about a dozen times.
    I usually throw $2 on the table and call it a night.
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    I'm glad I haven't lived in a country that tips, sounds like a hassle on both sides. I like to know how much a meal is going to cost and hate vague costs.

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    I live in the USA and it's expected that you tip in restaurants. I wish there wasn't that expectation. It's too much of a hassle to figure out how much and too subjective. Why can't waiters and waitresses just get paid at least minimum wage to begin with? Why is it that some service jobs you're expected to tip (waiters/waitresses, hairdressers) yet others you don't tip? At my local grocery store, there are people who bag groceries for you. I doubt these people depend on tips. Maybe these people do get some tips but I don't think the expectation is there as it is with waitpeople. I don't tip them and I don't know anyone who does.

    Occasionally, I'll tip 20% or more if it's a fancier restaurant or if the service was unusually good, usually though it's 15-20%, even if the service is subpar. Maybe I'm too forgiving but my rationale is even waitpeople can have bad days. Sometimes people just forget to refill your water glass, it isn't always intentional. If the restaurant is overly busy, it's inevitable that some little detail will be overlooked. Sometimes what appears to be bad service isn't even their fault. People tend to blame the waiter/waitress if food takes too long to arrive or isn't cooked properly but they don't even cook the food. There's separate cooks for that, who don't have to rely on tips. Also, waiters/waitresses get below minimum wage per hour and have to depend on tips to make a halfway decent living. Even if they give me bad service, it doesn't mean they don't deserve to starve because they can't make enough money. I actually think that if they were paid better and appreciated more in the first place, maybe they wouldn't be as disgruntled and would actually give better service. People may argue that tips give an incentive to provide better service and weed out the bad ones but I think the bad ones end up self-weeding themselves or get fired or reprimanded.
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