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    Default Go on, let it all out.

    This isn't a bitch slap thread, nor is it a kiss ass thread.

    This is a thread where you give your honest thoughts about another member. No B.S., no sarcasm, no beating around the bush, and no apologies, just your honest assesment of someone else. You can post about any member you wish to post about, and why you like them, or why you hate them.

    In the interest of fairness, the member you critique can try to explain/justify themselves.

    I'm quite aware that this has been attempted before, so let me set the record straight. This is for all intents and purposes what the member anaylsis thread was trying to be, a fair unbiased analysis of another member. What I'm hoping for is a thread that doesn't turn into a circle jerk, with pats on the back, and hugs and kisses, at the same time, like stated before I do not want this to become another bitch slap, or backhanded compliment thread. That being said I don't want any of that criticism sandwich crap, just say what you need to say and go. If all you have to say about a member is bad then say it, also at the same time they can explain themselves.

    Do not hold back, but do not go out of your way to insult someone. It may be asking for much, but I won't accept any less, we're are adults, it won't kill us to treat each other as such.

    Finally if you can't be honest without any snarky remarks or any apologies then do not waste time in this thread.

    That is all. Run wild.

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    Ok.. well... we aren't a cuddly hippy flowery place, but we do have rules about personal attacks. Don't let me stop you having fruitful discussions without the personal attacks though

    ...carry on.

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    Sigh...I'm sure I will get plenty of mention in this thread.

    To be honest, I don't have that great of an issue with anybody here. The closest would probably be CC, but I believe she said it best in that we have different conceptions of right and wrong. I would expect nothing less from somebody who is supposedly my shadow. I will say I feel she is granted a much higher level of leniency than the average poster on this forum by the moderators, almost to the point of favoritism, but that is just my observation.

    Protean and I have also had heated disagreements, but that is largely an education issue.

    I feel Nozflubber is a bit rude and/or condescending form time to time in his posts, but that might just be his style.
    Quote Originally Posted by Silently Honest View Post
    OMNi: Wisdom at the cost of Sanity.

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    Let me contribute my obligatory "This is bizarre and pernicious, and were it my forum I'd shut it down, pronto" statement.

    On-topic, I resent Geoff's photographic serendipity, deplore the high quality of his photographs and deny being suffused with jealousy every time I visited his threads.

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