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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaotic Harmony View Post
    I enjoy traveling. I just hate feeling like I'm glued to an itinerary... Which is what made my vacation with my aunt so un-enjoyable. We couldn't enjoy any of the activities, because she was constantly pushing us through them so we could get to the next one. It was the most stressful vacation I've ever been on. When I'm on vacation, I research things to do in the area in advance... And then when I get there, I like to decide daily what to try and do that day. That way I don't feel pressured to rush through anything for fear of not making it to the next destination on time.
    I am like this. Study and hard and then let yourself go where you need to go. Your travel philosophy/system is awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ilikeitlikethat View Post
    I am bat shit scared of traveling to Africa, bat shit scared. I'm almost like 'it's not gonna happen' but saying 'sure, let's plan, let's move to Africa' shit. IDK.
    South Africa was amazing. I highly recommend it.

    Except for the guided tours. I can't stand guided tours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by onemoretime View Post
    South Africa was amazing. I highly recommend it.

    Except for the guided tours. I can't stand guided tours.
    Yeah, I'm not a fan of group guided tours. I'd rather tour on my own. Sometimes though, for reasons I can understand, in a nature setting it is more of a requirement - to help protect the resource, or have more control over who is able to access it and when.

    However, I HAVE become a fan of the more 1:1 nature tours (I've always been with a friend, though, never just by myself).. like having a local (i.e. tracker, bird guru) take me out into a mangrove swamp in a canoe, or into a forest to look for birds...because they know their stuff and there's no way I would know some of the local gems/niches to find a certain bird, or even be able to get to it on my own.
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    I saw a man on the news this week get beaten and killed by mob rule in South Africa, though I fear the part I might end up going is a country called Uganda...

    On another note, both my neighbours here were Hindus from India who got kicked out of Uganda in the 1970s and now they live here, both sides growing up, but today, one still remains; but both my neighbours growing up fled the same thing in Africa though.


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    I like to travel if I have enough "do nothing" time. I am also perfectly happy spending time at home during vacation. Though, I hate schedules and having a busy, planned day while on any vacation.

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