Now first off I will admit that what constitutes superficiality or depth is very likely to be dependant on people's own views of them.

But I would say that there is a general impression of these terms which most people would readily identify as certain traits.

What I wanted to start a discussion about, however, is whether or not happiness is more prevelant through depth or superficiality. Of course you could also argue that happiness is not necessarily the key goal in the life of an individual, but that's another topic which I wont go into detail here.

What ive noticed in myself is that im actually often happier when engaging or thinking about things which could be considered shallow. I do enjoy contemplating stereotypically 'deeper' subject material but I rarely feel happier from it, I might feel satisfied instead.

It's occured to me that im actually quite a shallow person and happier for it and I believe that living your life without contemplating deeper topics is actually quite enjoyable as long as you are considerate of both yourself and others then usually id say a person would live a satisfied and happy life.

To be honest im not really sure what im trying to get across here, but I was curious about others thoughts on this subject?

Of course this could be MBTI/Jung/Keirsey/*insert theory here* related, but im not sure. But if that were the case then it could be something to do with what interests and energises you cognitively.