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    Quote Originally Posted by prplchknz View Post
    and don't give me mamby pamby reasons either. I need to know reasons not to drink. All I can find is reasons to drink. maybe i'm not looking hard enough.
    Try to take this in the constructive spirit it's offered: Maybe you're right and you're not looking hard enough if you're willing to dismiss a bunch of reasons as "mamby pamby".
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    The only reason I can think of to drink is to celebrate. If you're not celebrating you're probably drinking for the wrong reasons...
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    Because my meds mess with my liver and drinking on top of that could be a death sentence (bum bummm).

    BUT, I still wouldn't drink all that much otherwise. It's expensive (especially here in Canada - not so much in the States) and I hate feeling stupid or WORSE not even being able to remember what I've done. I got that drunk a couple times in my youth and it really turned me off it. WTF is the purpose anyway? Just a waste of precious life. And it's scary when you end up in a bad situation and don't remember how you got there.

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    I like to drink, & somewhat often, but not too much at a time. I genuinely like the taste of wine, beer, good whiskey, and some mixed drinks (not too sweet nor strong). It can complement food well. I like the slight buzz too; it's warming & loosening, but not a total high (more akin to the fuzzy feelings after a good meal or with a cozy cup of coffee). There are supposedly some health benefits to wine too, in moderation.

    I think the reasons for NOT drinking or not drinking too much have been mentioned, but I'll echo them anyway:
    - Loss of mental clarity, possibly resulting in embarrassing behavior or even putting yourself in risky situations/positions
    - The wear & tear on the body, such as ugliness in the form of fat, bloated bellies & puffy faces, not to mention shriveled livers
    - Hangovers....which strike at your tummy & face too (see "puffy" & "bloated" above), not just as headaches. Well, I've never had one, thankfully, but I've seen it.
    - Those who get "wasted" can get quite ill, puking all over the place or even daring death, none of which seems fun or smart
    - A dependency could develop, even if it's just self-medication or a social lubricant, which is a poor substitute for real coping or social skills
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    Quote Originally Posted by EJCC View Post

    Was he drunk on Mythbusters???
    Yeah, and so was Adam. It was awesome.

    There are a bunch of myths out there about things you can do to beat a breathalyzer test. So Adam and Jamie went to the San Francisco PD station and started drinking. An officer tested them periodically to see how much more they needed to dink to get above the legal limit for driving (.08). After a few hours they both got up to around .12 and then they tried a whole bunch of different things to see if any of them could beat the machine. None of them had any significant effect and the myth was busted.

    They also pointed out that even if you could do something to beat the breathalyzer machine the cops would still do a field sobriety test and notice that you were impared. Then they'd do a blood draw to look for alcohol and drugs.
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    I don't drink because I don't have any money.

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    I don't drink because I don't like it's taste, and I don't have a reason to violent myself drinking something so awful for no reason. ¬¬
    I know some people like the taste, but I just don't.

    And I also like enjoying things my own way. If I'm not enjoying the moment my own way, conscient and clean, I'd rather move somewhere else or try to learn how to enjoy it somehow. I even do something crazy just to laugh, but no drinking to have fun. I can gather with some friends in a corner and talk about how shitty that party is. Stuff like that.

    I like water, juice, tea, soda, milk, chocolate... There's a lot to drink. And I think it sort of helps that most of my friends don't drink either.

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    Several reasons:

    *I don't like experiencing the physical discomfort of a hangover.
    *I might do something stupid as a result of getting drunk I later regret.
    *Alcohol harms the body, esp. the liver.
    *Empty calories can lead to weight gain.
    *Costs too much money.
    *Has addictive potential, which exacerabates the above problems.
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    Wow I'm not even a teetotaler and I can think of plenty of reasons to not drink.

    Save money, first of all, and secondly if you have a problem with not being able to stop at a drink or two (like literally, can you sit down in a bar and drink ONE mixed drink? Or are you capable of having a half of a bottle of wine with/after dinner but saving the rest if there's no one else to share it with?) that's a definite reason not to drink, because then it will become extremely damaging to your health.

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    I'm not a full teetotaler either, since I have drank a little bit on a few occassions and don't have any problem with others who drink responsibly, it's just not for me because:

    -most of it tastes horrible to me.... I have a hard time just "getting it over with"
    -whatever magically good properties it must have on other people it doesn't have on me... I just get queasy and tired
    -way expensive.....there's much more fun things that I could waste my money on
    -nowadays it could mess with my current meds

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