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before getting exhausted of people? me I can go 2-3 days, but i understand a lot of introverts can't last this long before having to go back into their hidey-hole.


extroverts how long can you stay in your hidey-hole before you need to come out and join society?
I can definitely do a lot of socializing for several days (at least) at a stretch, and sometimes I have to. An awful lot depends on the nature of it, though. What am I doing? Is it parties I actually don't really want to be at, or people I'm somehow obliged to meet up with but don't get along with that well, etc? Or is it dinners and good chats with good friends, a pleasant party, rock concerts and cultural events? (The latter is a lot better for me!)

But even if it's stuff I enjoy, if I have day after day or week after week with not much alone time I will start to feel exhausted and stressed or even eventually ill. The ideal for me, and what I should strive for, is a really good balance. If I'm on my own all the time I can get lonely and paranoid and too much in my head. If I'm with others all the time I will get worn out and crabby."

this is exactly me as well.