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    Default Building self-confidence

    I was just, driven by emotions, tackled by thoughts and engaged in self-doubt sitting in front of the computer and imagined how I'ld look right now. Then I thought of the past and the times in which people read in my eyes what I was feeling, in moments in which I never wanted to know people what I was feeling right now.

    And then I went to the bathroom mirror and took a look. I shook of subjectivity and looked at me. And I saw that when I am looking like the way when I am looking, noone could see what I was feeling and that I could actually be the master of every situation, if I wouldnt give in to inquiry.

    Trivial ? Absolutely. But the older I get, the more I come to realize that life is much easier if you think less about it.


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    Thinking too much about life is a dark, cyclical road to nowhere. It's hard to relate to people and have people relate to you. It's hard and lonely. And totally unnecessary.

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