this comes in many forms, and we are all guilty of it.

for me, my most fresh acts would be.. when you are purchasing food, and the worker there greets you, i wont answer back. no, i put on my shy mask to conceal my disgust for the very idea of them not having a free will on the matter, making it so forced.

and Fe's, you wont have to get started on how horrified you are of my actions, with an istp father whose horrified of much lesser things i could never consider offending but rather would consider the ways they try to shape me to their tastes offending.

but theres a funny thing, no i wont greet back to you if do it on a must, but if your working on a job which doesnt expect you to greet as a requirement, im highly likely to greet from my heart and upon leaving, saying the most passionate of departure greets. all this happens unconsciously to me, and im surprised when people point out i smile "too much" O_O.(ahem, istj's -.-) cause i dont even notice how much i smile.

but yehh, thats just one form of acting, ill be interested in your stories!