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I do think that ENFP's end up wanting people to understand how they would actually say things rather than the booooring way typing looks.

I got this email last night from an enfp friend:

This was this morning:

Now with my comments here in this thread it sounds like I shouldn't like her emails. But even thought they often make me laugh I don't mind at all. Sometimes I am so expressive in real life that type just seems really limiting so I can understand it.

I've also found that often enfps want to type with pauses... as if they are thinking... (or parentheses because they always add random things into conversations and this shows the random add ons the best)

I guess you just need the right audience
without pauses i black out like i did on the previous post, i write long, and after writing it im like.. what happened? i wrote this? wow, this is interesting stuff i wrote! =D (but often i wont even notice i blacked out cause it happens so often)

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Mocking accents doesn't translate well to writing unless it is clearly stated or fits within the subject being discussed. Otherwise, people won't make that connection; it's too esoteric and too random to be expected. Writing is not a straight-forward conversion of spoken words to letters on the page; there has to be some alterations for the sake of clarity and to convey the stuff body language, expressions, and tone of voice would normally demonstrate easily. Remember people aren't in your head, anticipating your intentions, reading your words in your voice, with your tone in mind - they come at them blindly, without expectations. They can only go on what is written down and infer from there. If you give them nothing to go on and use esoteric allusions or jokes, they are will be confused and left to guess at your meaning.
ive been developing accents for years as a hobby, im very weell aware of the existence of multitude ways to pronounce the english alphabrts and how this affects the diphtongs and other tongs.
ive developed this accent which is compatible and understood by all major accents of uk, australia and usa, and its really no trouble for me to weight how each would desipher the same things differently.

and by that im saying, i understand the common shared ground between accents very well as ive been a speaker of all major english accents i mentioned.
and as such i dont experiene it a problem how the results end different in form of text, and i were wrong when i said 10% of communication is done by words.
i watched a document and i overestimated, actually only 7% of communication is done by words, 93% by body language.

that doesnt mean the tool, text, while yes clearly inferior as it doesnt poses even the 7% considering voice quality is majority of word communication, but still, .. you can, go creative with text if you have an idea of rules in your mind.

and if information exchange was my goal, i wouldnt be wasting my time communicating with less than 7% of humans normal capacity. id estimate we communicate with only one point five percent. thats not very efficient information exchange, dont you agree? so instead of wasting time for something useless, its possible to actually turn it challenging by trying to break your creative and deciphering limits, and actually using the time for something useless instead of super inefficient information exchange. (which explains the flood of writing i always experience when trying to communicate information through text, as there simply is too much information and too little gap to force it through.)

and that leads to give and receive less in return situations always, doing huge effort to give what i have and get nothing/less back, only feeling bad for wasting my time like this.

so i suppose you can understand my dissatisfaction with text as an information exchange tool?

and if people decipher my jokes as other than intended, its not necessarily a bad thing. in fact, 95% of my jokes are unintended, im first like =O? why you laughing expression, although i never have the time to express it before i understand how silly the thing ive said sounds when said by me the way it was said.
like once i asked a question in voice chat what someone had been doing, explained bunch of coding stuff and i found it really boring, thus i had nothing to say, so i faked my best dramatic OOH! expression, and i .. well, lets just say, it was too perfect to be genuine, and someone pointed this out which after i felt a bit shame(the good kind) and we laughed.

thus my aim in "jokes" is anyways kinda blind and the joke is however others see them as, as only intentional jokes i do are thos of voice acting which isnt possible on text.(and acting by body language, which too aint possible here) and drawings i do are pretty much always intentional constructed jokes as well, everything else is pretty unintentional.

and im not mocking accents, i love accents, i learn accents, but mostly i invent them or am inspired by fictional characters and might create mixture accents by mixiing fictional characters with earthly accents etc.