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    In the past 3 years, every single person in my immediate family lost their job due to the economy. I've had to rely on my parents a lot when they aren't exactly able to make their own ends meet. I'm grateful that I've had family I could lean on, or else I'd probably be living in my car (I sublet a casita type thing next door to them right now). Finally, after 3 years of almost no work & sending out countless resumes & coming thisclose to getting hired numerous times, we all have steady work again, but we're all also making a fraction of what we made before. None of us are working in our area of skill (my mom used to manage a medical clinic, my step-dad was an illustrator for children's clothing & toy designer, and I did print design). I'm substitute teaching & my parents are doing janitorial work (which is sad to see at their age).

    So the results have been:

    - I rarely eat out anymore or go shopping or anything like that. I rarely leave the house for anything but work, because I can't afford to spend the money on gas.
    - I don't socialize much. I never did much, but I do even less now. It costs money to drive places, and it turns%2
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    Quote Originally Posted by kyuuei View Post
    As for me. Luckily this is a buyer's market when it comes to homes and land, so I'm set on that.. but my financial times are hard because I'm making them hard. I'm purchasing a place to call home, the land to build it on, and a house for my parents to retire in.
    You're buying your parents a house? I'm impressed, they are lucky to have you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lark View Post
    Kinsey economics?

    It seems reasonable that a bank wouldnt want to lend to people with bad debt or poorly performing businesses but that is exactly what happened, in the US the subprime mortgage crisis was caused by lending to so called "ninjas" that's "no investments, no job or assets".

    Economies cant recover when the money doesnt circulate, when the state wont or cant circulate money in the economy, and that is the one big purpose the welfare state has performed in capitalist economies, then something else has to circulate it and the evidence is in that the banks and private businesses arent sufficient to circulating the money.

    Although I'd be clear too, the rich dont care if the money circulates in a way which promotes recovery if they're protected as is, if there's a huge percentage of the population who're just excluded from the economy, no jobs, no money and subsisting on charity or benefits, it doesnt matter because most of those in the minority notice no difference, they dont shop in the same stores, they dont shop most of them, the transglobal elites live an entirely different exclusive life to everyone else.

    An economy can work that way, it can be slower growth, slower innovation, a much more limited population in the money and often just doing nothing with that money once they've maxed out the conspicious consumption.
    I have lot of thoughts about those statements. I understand you perspective. But from the data I see, most people, at all levels, act in good faith. PM me if you are interested in how I came to that conclusion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lowtech redneck View Post
    You're buying your parents a house? I'm impressed, they are lucky to have you.
    It's not a particularly nice, special house, just something for them to comfortably live in for their retirement years.
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