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    ABC News, including the local version, Ch.7 Eyewitness News. Online, no preference, just see the AOL stuff first, and click on whatever is interesting. Newspaper; NY Daily News. The Times often has a lot of interesting tech stories.
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    Random sites on the internet that a friend posts to Facebook. I hate all the newspapers and news channels because they absolutely refuse to talk about politicians as they really are, a bunch of crooked bastards who are selling us out to the highest bidder. They give the people here the impression that most politicians have good intentions and are trying to do what's right for this country when that's not the case at all. Furthermore, they like to go on and on about stories that don't really matter that they've worked to get people wrapped up in like Casey Anthony or any other local, or nothing more than state-wide, tragedy that they can make a big deal out of.

    Fox News = the conservative brainwashing/distraction network
    MSNBC, CNN = the liberal brainwashing/distraction networks

    It's impossible for you to make the right conclusions about the world and how it works because they simply don't give you the information you need in order to do that. The biggest problem isn't what they cover or how they cover it, it's what they don't cover that has America in the dark.

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