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    Bookmarks give relevant info about the person to anyone who bothers analyzing. Anything you have, anything you associate with is important and says something about you. Even not having things bookmarked says something. They're an indication of the interests people have and what they prefer to spend time on. If people are capable of interpreting the things correctly is another matter.

    I have a lot of things bookmarked, several different topics, arranged in a certain way. What it says about me is that I'm curious and have different interests. I like surfing the net for new and interesting things because I get bored easily, I like to search facts about things I like and it's easy to bookmark for later viewing. Often I forget all about it until the next time I'm reminded of the topic and sometimes I have the bookmarks doubled. But I'm also capable of digging deep on a subject I find interesting and collecting all sorts of info about it.

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    Oh Lord... Mine says I shop too much....and want a Samoyed puppy.

    I have a link to...
    Jeep parts and accessories...
    Two different Samoyed breeders...
    Bathroom Remodeling website for shower pans and stuff...

    I'm such an online window shopper.

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