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    Default How do YOU use your functions?

    So how do you describe your use of your four primary processes (in 1-3 sentences for each)? How does it fit all together? It's easy to find a blanket definition for each function, but I'd like to hear how each individual describes it in the context of their own world.

    As an ISTP, I would define myself as this: I see all the possibilities in the present (Se) and partly in the future (Ni) while my primary Ti breaks down these opportunities to determine the best option. Fe has a very limited supporter role when making decisions.

    For each Function:
    1st (Ti) - I use Ti to break down the opportunities and information at hand. If I were hopping along stones in a river, my Ti helps me balance and directs me to the next best available stone.
    2nd (Se) - I use Se to see all my present opportunities and gather any information I need to make decisions. If I were hopping along those stones, Se sees all the stones directly in front of me.
    3rd (Ni) - I use Ni to gather just enough information to prepare for making plans in the future. Instead of gathering all the information available, it only gathers the most important information or imagines the most likely events. Ni is my peripheral vision in my river setting -- It zeroes in on the most likely stones I'll need and, in some ways, Ni plays a small balancing/directing role too.
    4th (Fe) - As mentioned before, Fe has a supporter role in making final decisions, and is very limited (but still being developed). I use Fe when Ti is not enough, or when I feel like the decision at hand involves important people to me. I can't think of how Fe would fit into my river setting (see how important it is to me? ) ... maybe try to steer clear of any people around me (I didn't even imagine people at first in my scenario...)?
    I have an inner monologue that sounds strikingly similar to something off Animal Planet.

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    SEE Fi


    1st (Fi) - Fi lets me know what is right, good, moral, and/or desirable to me. Fi lets me know which direction I am headed with a deep feeling of conviction. This is where I start: what is good, right, best, desirable. Or repellent. It's my ego so it's almost instinctive. If I saw a person harming an animal, my Fi would give me an overwhelming sense of that being wrong, without question.

    2nd (Se) - Se allows me to see what immediate options and facts are in front of me in order to act on those desires, morals, or convictions. It allows me to be able to use the tools immediately in front of me to follow my Fi. It also allows me to collect factual information so that I am working in present reality, not just some blind personal conviction. This is highly important to balance the feeling tones of Fi. It also helps me to be ready to take action in the moment. If I saw a person hurting an animal, it would show me what tools or actions were available to physically stop them.

    3rd (Ni) - Ni allows me to to manage the facts I have collected in order to get a holistic "whole." This holistic whole is moving from reality to plans I should make with that reality. It also can allow me to step away from my feeling convictions and the present moment in order to distance myself enough to consider other ways of looking at the same problem, instead of always simply saying "these are my ethics or desires, this is the present action to take" I can step back and see the same problem maybe the way another person would see it, or to separate my own ego from the problem. In this case it would be working with Se facts to go into pure perception without necessarily Fi judgement, but still is in tandem in with Fi in clarifying what my ethics actually are in context of Se reality. If I saw a person hurting an animal, after I had acted on the situation with my Se following my Fi conviction, it would allow me to ruminate after the fact to ask questions of why a person would act that way. "Were they scared? Are they a sociopath? Is there a possibility they had a bad experience in childhood to make them fear dogs, or are they truly a disturbed human being?" It may lead me to the "aha!" answer of why the situation occurred taking in the Se facts, separate from my Fi overwhelming conviction, yet paradoxically still in tandem with my Fi wanting to judge a person with true individuality, instead of just presuming it's because they are a "bad" person (or conversely, being too forgiving and seeing the truth for what it actually is!)

    4th (Te) - Because Fi takes presidence, Te rationality can sometimes be ignored, I may take Se immediate action upon Fi convictions. However, Te can work hand in hand with Se to see facts more clearly, to judge facts and immediate possibilities in a more logical manner. Like Ni, this often happens "after the fact" in a more meditative Ni state, making it more of a partner to Ni as well. This can help me in the long run, the more I use my Te in an Ni meditative state, the more it may support Se as I mature, bringing Fi into a little more balance with factual rationality. Te can also erupt under stress, causing me to behave in a "bulldozer" manner that is cold and unemotional and unsympathetic in order to "handle" the stressful situation. It can also cause me to judge the external organization of others, even while my own isn't that realistically fantastic.

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    edit: Was randomly browsing this thread again and happened to see the portion asking for 1-3 lines for the first time. Oops.
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    Ti is a world inside my head. My world is intricate, vast, and absolute. It is where I hangout. Everything I do, I've done before.
    Ne is like disregarding the apparent and looking for obscure. It defines my interest. Ne is like sitting with the Bible and staring at the binding. Ne is like looking at the Mona Lisa and noticing angles of the lights in the room. I dont know why. I just do it.
    Si is just a practical thing for me. I remember what I pay attention to.
    Fe makes me talk to people. I spend a LOT of time in my world. Fe explains why I get lonely. And that loneliness is the only reason I share anything.

    Ne gathers data, Si stores data, Ti builds understanding using Ne & Si data, Fe makes me care about sharing what Ti comes up with.

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    LII Ne


    Ti: Trying to come up underlying principles for the phenomenon I observe. Noticing logical inconsistencies and discrepancies. Striving for elegance in a theory where it all fits together.

    Ne: Thinking up new and unusual ideas. Brainstorming. Divergent thinking- could be X, Y or Z. Thinking many different ideas and theories without settling firmly on any particular one.

    Si: Remembering what was done before. Comparing the past situation to the current one. Vividly remembering certain events from the past. Selective attention to details- good memory for what is pertinent to me while ignoring other details that are not.

    Fe: Noting what is socially appropriate or not. Striving for harmony between others. Noticing emotional atmosphere and other peoples' emotional vibes and responding accordingly.
    5w6 or 9w1 sp/so/sx, I think
    Neutral Good

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    Se - what's happening?
    Ti - how is it happening?
    Ni- why is it happening?
    Fe - does anyone care that it's happening?
    -end of thread-

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    Fe: how do people fit into the equation/order of things? What are the relationships between people and things and between people and others? Is there one? Should I care? Why or why not?

    Ni: what are the overarching connections and themes between several seemingly dissimilar things? Why is is that way? What are the significant factors to consider? Are there any? Why is that? Am I missing anything under the surface?

    Se: What looks out of place? Are my observations verifying what I am thinking? Why or why not?

    Ti: Are my conclusions correct? Why or why not? How can I alter my reasoning to make it correct? Should I completely start over on my info gathering? Why or why not? What other things should I consider?

    So everything is pretty much under the control of Fe.

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    I'm afraid my only response at this hour of the night is a bit flippant, but still more or less correct.

    Ni - to see things others don't and miss the obvious, to draw insanely interesting and not very useful connections between seemingly disparate things, turn everything into an archetype/symbol, and generally to confuse myself and others.

    Fe - tact, diplomacy, feelings of "I give, and I give, and I give, and what do I get?", poor boundaries reinforced by occasional Berlin Walls

    Ti - to obsess about things and get stuck in loops with Ni

    Se - to go to rock concerts and shock my friends with my screams, jumping up and down and general overindulgence
    Enneagram 6w5 sp/sx


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    Ni: My God, it's full of stars!
    Te: That fails.
    Fi: Would someone please think of the children!
    Se: What the fuck am I doing here?

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    Ti - telling what something is
    Ne - noticing where something came from and where it is going
    Si - noticing that something is
    Fe - deciding what something is worth
    "Where wisdom reigns, there is no conflict between thinking and feeling."
    — C.G. Jung


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