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    Height - 6 feet 0.5 inches (183.007 cm)
    Weight - 167.54 Lbs (76 Kg)

    I am extremely tall for a guy from Sri Lanka.

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    I am about 5' 8" and have not weighed myself in years.

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    I'm 5' 3" and between 100 and 105 lbs. I want to gain a bit in muscle, not for the weight but for the strength. I used to weigh around 110 lbs, when I was exercising on most days and I felt the best then; for myself, I just need to make the time to do a bit more than yoga, which I make a point to do.
    "It is not length of life, but depth of life." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

    "Thought breeds thought." ~ Henry David Thoreau

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    I'm 6 foot tall (though everyone tells me I am more - but if it is more, it's fractionally more) and about 135 lbs, though I haven't weighed myself recently. Tall skinny woman.

    My weight has not changed much for many many years. I've only noticed myself gaining weight (and then a matter of a few pounds) when I'm feeling really well and happy in life, and losing weight (not more than ten pounds, usually less) if I'm undergoing a lot of stress, because then I can't eat properly. I admit that I tend to run on not quite enough food - big stressful city and busy life, eating on the go, etc. But at the times in my life when I've eaten several big solid meals a day, I didn't put on any more weight. So it affects my energy levels more than my weight if I don't eat enough.

    It's pretty much hereditary. I come from a tall skinny family. My dad is still skinny at 70 and my two aunts, who are older than him, are skinny too. So there's a good chance I will stay that way. I basically appreciate it, but the disadvantage is that sometimes I eat too much rubbish partly because it doesn't affect my weight at all. I know it does affect how I feel otherwise, though, so I'm making efforts to eat better - but I doubt cutting out junk food entirely will ever happen. I've always eaten a lot of fruit and veg, though, and more so recently.
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    female, 110 lbs at about 5'3'' ... and all in the right places too

    I'm pretty fine with it, even though being a little taller and having a few more energy reserves wouldn't hurt.
    The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge. Neither love without knowledge, nor knowledge without love can produce a good life. - Bertrand Russell
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    Quote Originally Posted by Savage Idealist View Post
    What is your current height and weight?
    I'm 6'1" tall and I weigh 245 pounds.

    Quote Originally Posted by Savage Idealist View Post
    And uh, to keep this from being the fluffiest thread ever, talk about how you feel about your weight and height, if and how you aquired it, if you like it, etc.
    I'm fine with my height, which is a good thing because there is not a damn thing I can do about it.
    My weight is 10 pounds over where it should be.
    I had spinal fusion surgery last October and was ordered by my doctor to literally sit around and rest for 2 months.
    During month 3 I got the go ahead to walk short distances and hold 10 pounds in each hand, that was to last for another 2 months.
    Then I got the go ahead to work out using machines so long as I did not engage in forward bending movements and if I didn't go crazy on the amount of weight.
    This has been challenging for me because I've been a weightlifter/bodybuilder for 20 years.
    I weighed 235 and was in fantastic shape immediately before my surgery (I did free-standing barbell squats at 275 pounds for 15 strict reps the day before my operation).

    At the end of the two month layoff I weighed 255 pounds, because my appetite could not just crash down to a sedentary metabolism at the drop of a hat.
    I've lost 10 pounds since being active again for a little over a month.
    I'll keep doing what I'm doing and on April 15th will have the full go ahead to proceed as normal with caution.
    The 10 pounds I have to lose will melt away quickly; I'm not worried about it.

    I think it is important for people to be at peace with their individual morphology.
    It is pointless to hate your body for any reason.
    My journey through weightlifting initially started because I wanted to develop my physique so as to build-up any areas of my musculature that were not in line with having "ideal" proportions.
    I succeeded at doing so to the extent possible, but continued my dedication to bodybuilding because I enjoyed it so much.
    Bodybuilding is more than just lifting like a barbarian.
    You must first and foremost eat very healthy foods, at regular intervals (every 2 hours), keep hydrated, and also get enough rest.
    In my opinion it is a very healthy lifestyle, and it is very convenient to be at top physical performance on any given day.

    At age 38 I jokingly refer to myself as an "over the hill bodybuilder" because my days of powerlifting and extremely heavy lifting are officially over.
    I've had rotator cuff surgery on both of my shoulders, I had a SLAP tear reapired in my left shoulder, and most recently a spinal fusion surgery.
    The shoulders wore out because I was a competitive powerlifter in my youth and I put them through hell. Ooops!
    My back issues are caused by degenerative disc disease, which my Father also has, and which I know I must plan to manager from here on out if I wish to remain as functional and pain free as possible.
    Now, my workouts are composed of alot of super sets/drop sets - mostly using dumbbells, and using lighter weight than I ever have before.
    BUT - I am still able to achieve the same "pump" as before, because I am performing each rep with perfect form, and I am also performing each rep as slowly as possible.

    To remain a bodybuilder over the entire course of your life, you must EVOLVE as your body DEGENERATES.
    You must lift SMARTER and not HARDER.
    At the age of 25 the mission was to be as big, strong, fast and lean as possible.
    That ambition now must be tempered with a desire to be "walking comfortably at age 80."

    So, I'm hanging onto my gains as long as possible.
    I'll continue to eat healthy and also increase my cardiovascular work to get more shredded than ever before.
    And even though I might not be the biggest guy in the gym anymore, I guarantee you that I'm the biggest motherfucker at my office.

    We are frail and weak when we are born and when we die.
    How we look in between is up to us!!

    Type Stats:
    MBTI -> (E) 77.14% | (i) 22.86% ; (S) 60% | (n) 40% ; (T) 72.22% | (f) 27.78% ; (P) 51.43% | (j) 48.57%
    BIG 5 -> Extroversion 77% ; Accommodation 60% ; Orderliness 62% ; Emotional Stability 64% ; Open Mindedness 74%

    "If somebody asks your MBTI type on a first date, run". -Donna Cecilia
    "Enneagram is psychological underpinnings. Cognitive Functions are mental reasoning and perceptional processes. -Sanjuro

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    194cm (6'4)
    145kg (320lb)

    but i've moved from my post-divorce-depression bindge eating to post-post-divorce-depression obsessive workouts and stuffing myself with salads.... i've lost 5 kgs (10lb ?) in the last 3 weeks.

    i think what i'm trying to say... can someone please pass me some bacon?
    just a little bit... my higher brain's functions won't notice, we won't tell them, it will be our little secret...

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    5'2 when the wind is blowing perpendicular to the earth and the sun is casting my shadow up.

    Or 5'1.5"

    128 lbs

    Pretty fit. My stomach isn't perfect flat yet, but it's getting there from biking. I definitely have more of the "Marilyn Monroe" body but I want it down to be "Scarlett Johansson" (aka 115 and super skinny vs. 135 (MM) and curvy).
    Excuse me, but does this smell like chloroform to you?

    Always reserve the right to become smarter at a future point in time, for only a fool limits themselves to all they knew in the past. -Alex

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    I'm 5'10" (178cm) and about 155lbs (70.5kg); two years ago I weighed 132 (drugs're bad, mmmkay?) but I've gained a lot of muscle since then. I am currently the strongest I've ever been and about 5 pounds heavier than I ever weighed for the first 25 years of my life. My frame is pretty small.

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    Quarter inch shy of 5'9. I weigh 124 pounds or so. That's the most I've ever weighed. I weighed 116 pounds for a while and that's what I assumed I still weighed but I got on a scale recently.
    Go to sleep, iguana.

    INTP. Type 1>6>5. sx/sp.
    Live and let live will just amount to might makes right

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